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Posted on: 1-11-17


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Thread: Designing and building a 5 channel horn loaded (looking for directions on my way)
           Reply: Why not!  
I got what you mean. It is one of those things I really would like to try as well. When I started my project, I was going to have an array of scanspeak drivers but I had problems with the distributor here. It was then I got the Tad's and went 16" instead of 10" and reduced the number of drivers.

I will need another weekend to try this, as these bass boxes are quite heavy and I will need help to put them on top of each other Smile I will let you know about the results. I can adjust the volume of these boxes independently so it will not be a problem to attenuate them.

I also got some great jazz mono recordings that I can test with. I can sum my digital front end to mono as well, so I can try a lot of stuff with deeper bass too.

My girlfriend loves that I am passionate about sound and she enjoys the system and the improvements I make, so I am lucky I guess...
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