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Posted on: 8-24-09

Romy the Cat

Boston, MA
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Thread: Midbass Horns and Real Estate.
           Reply: The corner loading.  
Sometimes it works

Here is a guy undertook the Klipsh corner-loading project

With whole cons and pros of the corner-loading method in this situation is it possible IN SOME CASES to get VERY interesting bass. Unfortunately this architecture of bass is not compatible with ideology of acoustic system that I am proponent of but still it is a viable way to load a room. I just wish it were more practical and more predictable…. The Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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  7-28-09   The Mendelsohn approach.   (7-28-09)..tuga
  7-28-09   A pool of ideas for now….   (7-28-09)..Romy the Cat
  7-28-09   The big D   (7-28-09)..jessie.dazzle
  7-28-09   Raising the roof   (7-28-09)..jessie.dazzle
  7-28-09   A vertical midbass horn and environment   (7-28-09)..Romy the Cat
  7-28-09   Brownstones?   (7-28-09)..Paul S
  7-28-09   Suburban home additions for horns   (7-28-09)..scooter
  7-29-09   Ceiling horn ups and downsides   (7-29-09)..tuga
  7-29-09   The real-state U-turn?   (7-29-09)..Romy the Cat
  7-29-09   Side-stepping legal issues with added on room   (7-29-09)..jessie.dazzle
  7-31-09   About the Rogero’s or Johan Dreyer’s approach.   (7-31-09)..Romy the Cat
  7-31-09   Playing with Johan Dreyer’s idea further.   (7-31-09)..Romy the Cat
  7-31-09   Eh, stupid!   (7-31-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-1-09   And sometimes I feel so blew that I do not what anything.   (8-1-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-1-09   Another renderation of Rogero’s or Johan Dreyer’s idea   (8-1-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-2-09   About time alignment in mid bass horns   (8-2-09)..Saturntube
  8-2-09   The time alignment scenarios.   (8-2-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-2-09   Getting on with it, while keeping options open   (8-2-09)..jessie.dazzle
  8-2-09   More Ideas   (8-2-09)..Saturntube
  8-2-09   Looks like a good solution   (8-2-09)..JLH
  8-2-09   My stupid wet dreams. How little a man need….   (8-2-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-5-09   A proper commercial midbass horn, sort of....   (8-5-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-6-09   Ok, I've found a great home for my left 20Hz bass horn!   (8-6-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-7-09   Consider   (8-7-09)..skushino
  8-7-09   People who do general contracting…..   (8-7-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-7-09   The throat considerations.   (8-7-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-7-09   Make your own   (8-7-09)..JLH
  8-7-09   I would like to use my 15-incher, the question is HOW?   (8-7-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-7-09   Circumferential phasing plug problems   (8-7-09)..JLH
  8-7-09   ....puzzled with your response....   (8-7-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-7-09   The Great Unknown   (8-7-09)..Paul S
  8-8-09   Fourier transform tells the story   (8-8-09)..JLH
  8-8-09   Midbass Adjustable Horn   (8-8-09)..Saturntube
  8-8-09   My take about midbass and phase plug.   (8-8-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-8-09   The interchangeable backs for midbass? I do not know…   (8-8-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-8-09   The "Hanging" inverted Midbass J-horn.   (8-8-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-10-09   The midbass Pipeline Conversion horn???   (8-10-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-10-09   Straight / J Horn - Why?   (8-10-09)..skushino
  8-10-09   RE: Straight / J Horn – Why?   (8-10-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-10-09   Time alignment is a real problem with this kind of horns   (8-10-09)..haralanov
  8-10-09   Two Mouths   (8-10-09)..skushino
  8-10-09   More ideas and drawbacks   (8-10-09)..Saturntube
  8-10-09   How does 40 hz to 200 hz sound like   (8-10-09)..Saturntube
  8-10-09   40Hz - 200Hz and GLARE...   (8-10-09)..Axel
  8-11-09   The CNCing? Interesting…   (8-11-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-11-09   Layered construction horn   (8-11-09)..Axel
  8-11-09   CNC Snail Horn   (8-11-09)..Saturntube
  8-11-09   The construction techniques – that will be the last.   (8-11-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-15-09   Time alignment how?   (8-15-09)..mjloudspeaker
  8-20-09   The ceilings height   (8-20-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-20-09   High ceilings   (8-20-09)
  8-20-09   Shortening a High Room   (8-20-09)..Lbjefferies7
  8-21-09   Using of the “High ceilings”   (8-21-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-21-09   Some roomy links   (8-21-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-22-09   Sand damping topologies.   (8-22-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-22-09   Tubed sand   (8-22-09)..decoud
  8-22-09   Sandbag damping   (8-22-09)..Lbjefferies7
  8-22-09   A considerable amount of sand pressure.   (8-22-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-22-09   Automobile solutions   (8-22-09)..scooter
  8-23-09   Auto Former   (8-23-09)..Paul S
  8-24-09   The corner loading.   (8-24-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-26-09   A sort of ridicules bass idea but let see…   (8-26-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-26-09   6m Basshorn   (8-26-09)..Dominik
  8-26-09   Another basement horn.   (8-26-09)..tuga
  8-26-09   Early firing Midbass horn   (8-26-09)..Saturntube
  8-26-09   Framed, Raised Floors   (8-26-09)..Paul S
  8-27-09   Can a bad floor be cured by gain/power?   (8-27-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-27-09   It Is Do-able   (8-27-09)..Paul S
  8-28-09   The ALE Acoustic midbass solution vs. right 15-incher   (8-28-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-28-09   Concrete rooms of hellsound   (8-28-09)..mjloudspeaker
  8-29-09   CH Audio Design   (8-29-09)..skushino
  8-29-09   I do not understand what CH Audio does.   (8-29-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-30-09   Japanese Cone Suspensions.   (8-30-09)..eduardo
  8-30-09   YL1250 - very interesting!   (8-30-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-30-09   Bass drivers to the end.........of physycs?   (8-30-09)..eduardo
  8-31-09   The drivers for midbass and…. the mistakes.   (8-31-09)..Romy the Cat
  8-31-09   Ah, mystery & suspense   (8-31-09)..jessie.dazzle
  8-31-09   Was it worth it?   (8-31-09)..Romy the Cat
  9-1-09   Havering on...   (9-1-09)..jessie.dazzle
  9-2-09   Main floor pre-load   (9-2-09)..jessie.dazzle
  9-2-09   About the Macondo-like systems room dialing.   (9-2-09)..Romy the Cat
  9-2-09   Yeah; That's the Ticket   (9-2-09)..Paul S
  9-3-09   Concrete horn example   (9-3-09)..tuga
  9-3-09   Options, options, options…   (9-3-09)..Romy the Cat
  9-3-09   About the Maturation Shields ™   (9-3-09)..Romy the Cat
  9-4-09   Giant litter box   (9-4-09)..jessie.dazzle
  9-4-09   Sand and Sinagogues   (9-4-09)..tuga
  9-4-09   How to know that floor is the problem?   (9-4-09)..Romy the Cat
  9-4-09   Tossing Off a Couple   (9-4-09)..Paul S
  9-5-09   The external horns construction ideas   (9-5-09)..Romy the Cat
  9-5-09   In The Swim (and School Fees)   (9-5-09)..Paul S
  9-5-09   13-step program   (9-5-09)..jessie.dazzle
  9-6-09   Big horn materials   (9-6-09)..Saturntube
  9-14-09   Ignore CH AUDIO ?   (9-14-09)..Paragon
  9-14-09   Another place to pee?   (9-14-09)..Romy the Cat
  9-14-09   Ignore, Ignore, Ignore   (9-14-09)..skushino
  9-14-09   The Afghan Camels   (9-14-09)..skushino
  9-14-09   Boundaries as an extension of the horn flare.   (9-14-09)..Romy the Cat
  9-14-09   Discretion   (9-14-09)..skushino
  9-14-09   …. Ignore the company's claim of using the ceiling and adjacent walls as extensions of the horn flare.   (9-14-09)..Paragon
  9-14-09   Considered as a solution for fitting a large bass horn in a normal-size living space,   (9-14-09)..Paragon
  9-16-09   A small dedicated room - the build history.   (9-16-09)..Romy the Cat
  9-16-09   Cost/Benefit   (9-16-09)..Paul S
  9-16-09   The perfect built room.   (9-16-09)..Romy the Cat
  9-16-09   Shape vs Construction   (9-16-09)..Paul S
  9-21-09   The harcore approach   (9-21-09)..tuga
  9-22-09   Another setup with ceiling horns   (9-22-09)..Romy the Cat
  10-13-09   Another large horn example   (10-13-09)..JoshK
  10-22-09   A first interesting find.   (10-22-09)..Romy the Cat
  10-22-09   Steamships vs. Icebergs   (10-22-09)..Paul S
  10-23-09   The absolute minimum dimensions and the 'new' attic ideas.   (10-23-09)..Romy the Cat
  10-23-09   Condensation issue's in Boston   (10-23-09)..miab
  10-23-09   An active thermo-stabilized blanket around back chamber?   (10-23-09)..Romy the Cat
  10-23-09   Costs, Expectations and Open Space   (10-23-09)..Paul S
  10-23-09   Demise of the r2000 home   (10-23-09)..miab
  12-21-09   External 15” into 4’x6’ from Audio 1954   (12-21-09)..Romy the Cat
  1-25-10   Romy, you can stop searching   (1-25-10)..Markus
  1-25-10   I see nothing to be overwhelmed…   (1-25-10)..Romy the Cat
  1-25-10   On a more serious note   (1-25-10)..Markus
  1-25-10   By "Careful Arrangement"   (1-25-10)..Paul S
  1-25-10   My troubles with direct radiators   (1-25-10)..Saturntube
  1-26-10   The first interesting arrangement   (1-26-10)..Romy the Cat
  1-26-10   Loading Zone   (1-26-10)..Paul S
  1-26-10   An interesting room-loading post   (1-26-10)..Romy the Cat
  1-26-10   Will the Cat become an “industry professional”?   (1-26-10)..Romy the Cat
  1-27-10   The tremendous opportunity.   (1-27-10)..Romy the Cat
  1-27-10   Aim direct radiators at ears   (1-27-10)..zanon
  1-27-10   Why call it "Battle Road"   (1-27-10)..zanon
  1-27-10   The second American Revolution?   (1-27-10)..Romy the Cat
  1-27-10   Atmospheric Pressure vs Tonal Pressure   (1-27-10)..Paul S
  1-28-10   The same problem here   (1-28-10)..Wojtek
  1-28-10   The suspended floor treatment – some questions.   (1-28-10)..Romy the Cat
  1-28-10   Bang for the Buck Approaches   (1-28-10)..Paul S
  1-28-10   It was fairly simple in my case   (1-28-10)..Wojtek
  1-28-10   I used planks of wood   (1-28-10)..zanon
  1-29-10   To seal or not to seal?   (1-29-10)..Romy the Cat
  1-29-10   The midbass horn: the first uppercut from real-estate.   (1-29-10)..Romy the Cat
  1-29-10   I didn't have to seal   (1-29-10)..Wojtek
  1-29-10   Proper structure stiffening   (1-29-10)..miab
  1-29-10   What did you find?   (1-29-10)..miab
  1-29-10   Roger, the Sistering   (1-29-10)..Paul S
  1-30-10   I wish it were easier…   (1-30-10)..Romy the Cat
  1-30-10   Dig in your heals & make them fit   (1-30-10)..jessie.dazzle
  1-30-10   I hope I do not need to do for the alternative option   (1-30-10)..Romy the Cat
  1-30-10   …. certain value beyond its purchase price.   (1-30-10)..Romy the Cat
  1-30-10   It's not so bad really.   (1-30-10)..miab
  1-30-10   I hope it would all work out.   (1-30-10)..Romy the Cat
  1-30-10   Words vs. Pictures   (1-30-10)..Paul S
  1-30-10   Here is where the horns advantages bite my by my tail.   (1-30-10)..Romy the Cat
  1-30-10   Too soon now.   (1-30-10)..Romy the Cat
  1-31-10   Reframing Attic Ceiling   (1-31-10)..Romy the Cat
  1-31-10   Vibration induced resonances   (1-31-10)..tuga
  1-31-10   This is an interesting one.   (1-31-10)..Romy the Cat
  1-31-10   What would be interesting in this room…   (1-31-10)..Romy the Cat
  1-31-10   Decoupling the Horns and Horn Hell   (1-31-10)..Paul S
  1-31-10   Bagel Sandwich Roof horn   (1-31-10)..Saturntube
  1-31-10   Tapped Out   (1-31-10)..Paul S
  1-31-10   How about silent blocks?   (1-31-10)..tuga
  1-31-10   Well TH...   (1-31-10)..Saturntube
  1-31-10   Differential Movement   (1-31-10)..Paul S
  2-1-10   Gain and bass   (2-1-10)..Saturntube
  2-1-10   I do not see a lot of interesting solution out there.   (2-1-10)..Romy the Cat
  2-2-10   My olde listening room.   (2-2-10)..Romy the Cat
  2-2-10   Keep ye olde room!   (2-2-10)..montepilot
  2-2-10   Fair Warning   (2-2-10)..Paul S
  2-2-10   Who know how it will go.   (2-2-10)..Romy the Cat
  2-2-10   Progress   (2-2-10)..Saturntube
  2-2-10   Wise Warning   (2-2-10)..Lbjefferies7
  2-3-10   Moving, remodeling, building, etc….   (2-3-10)..Romy the Cat
  2-4-10   Attic horns: L/R Separation   (2-4-10)..jessie.dazzle
  2-4-10   The Monofication of the midbass   (2-4-10)..Romy the Cat
  2-4-10   The corrected room size.   (2-4-10)..Romy the Cat
  2-4-10   What impact do open spaces have?   (2-4-10)..zanon
  2-4-10   The "escape" areas of our listening rooms.   (2-4-10)..Romy the Cat
  2-5-10   Some idea of what will happen   (2-5-10)..Saturntube
  2-5-10   Why did you choose such nearfield position?   (2-5-10)..zanon
  2-5-10   The “secret” that no one would tell you…   (2-5-10)..Romy the Cat
  2-5-10   I still will be trying to get the same nearfield setting...   (2-5-10)..Romy the Cat
  2-6-10   My five cents   (2-6-10)..twogoodears
  2-6-10   The long wall, wide angle. Just-continue configuration   (2-6-10)..Romy the Cat
  2-6-10   Work in progress, on the right path   (2-6-10)..twogoodears
  2-6-10   When I am in town next   (2-6-10)..zanon
  2-7-10   Some lessons from Magico Ultima installation.   (2-7-10)..Romy the Cat
  2-7-10   I have a miniature of this room   (2-7-10)..Wojtek
  2-7-10   Another room case study.   (2-7-10)..tuga
  2-7-10   Sometimes too wide speakers drain tonal density   (2-7-10)..zanon
  2-7-10   Speakers angle vs. tonal density.   (2-7-10)..Romy the Cat
  2-8-10   Agree on what you say wrt tonal density   (2-8-10)..zanon
  2-12-10   To hide or not to hide.   (2-12-10)..Romy the Cat
  2-12-10   Hot, Cold, Wet, Dry   (2-12-10)..Paul S
  2-24-10   Dealing with first reflections, in natural way.   (2-24-10)..Romy the Cat
  2-25-10   Midbass Horns And Real Estate   (2-25-10)..msaudio
  2-27-10   Custom building work and mathematical constructions?   (2-27-10)..Romy the Cat
  2-28-10   "Boston, you can have it."   (2-28-10)..Romy the Cat
  3-3-10   Mid-bass horn: Room loading/augmenting   (3-3-10)..jessie.dazzle
  3-3-10   The all is not so simple.   (3-3-10)..Romy the Cat
  3-3-10   Some clarification   (3-3-10)..jessie.dazzle
  3-3-10   Debugging the upperbass   (3-3-10)..Romy the Cat
  3-3-10   Preparing for upper-bass sweeps   (3-3-10)..jessie.dazzle
  3-3-10   Riding the horn…   (3-3-10)..Romy the Cat
  3-6-10   The Playback’s last weekend, the Freudian motives.   (3-6-10)..Romy the Cat
  3-11-10   Mike Malinowski’s room journey   (3-11-10)..Romy the Cat
  3-19-10   Ok, I think my R&E project is over.   (3-19-10)..Romy the Cat
  5-3-10   A possible Midbass horn?   (5-3-10)..Romy the Cat
  5-3-10   A possible Midbass horn project?   (5-3-10)..msaudio
  5-3-10   Might not look like a living room anymore...   (5-3-10)..Romy the Cat
  3-18-11   The Real Estate tunes...   (3-18-11)..Romy the Cat
  7-10-13   Be my guest.... 25 days left.   (7-10-13)..Romy the Cat
  5-10-14   An interesting project   (5-10-14)..Romy the Cat
  5-20-14   Another interesting project   (5-20-14)..guy sergeant
  5-21-14   More here   (5-21-14)..guy sergeant
  9-6-15   ALE, Beryllium.   (9-6-15)..xandcg
  10-13-15   Images.   (10-13-15)..xandcg
  10-13-15   GOTO horns.   (10-13-15)..xandcg
  10-18-15   Horn Mouth.   (10-18-15)..xandcg
  10-18-15   About 41Hz   (10-18-15)..anthony
  10-18-15   Thanks.   (10-18-15)..xandcg
  10-19-15   It is not difficult   (10-19-15)..anthony
  10-19-15   Just right now!   (10-19-15)..xandcg
  10-19-15   I might not be the best person to ask...   (10-19-15)..anthony
  10-19-15   Got it.   (10-19-15)..xandcg
  1-11-16   5" and 6"   (1-11-16)..xandcg
  1-11-16   These bass compression drivers.   (1-11-16)..Romy the Cat
  1-11-16   Now I got.   (1-11-16)..xandcg
  1-11-16   Specs.   (1-11-16)..xandcg
  1-12-16   Those bass drivers ....   (1-12-16)..Romy the Cat
  1-12-16   I am not willing to make them myself.   (1-12-16)..xandcg
  1-21-16   "Cost"   (1-21-16)..Paul S
  1-23-16   I had got it.   (1-23-16)..xandcg
  1-24-16   Hearsay   (1-24-16)..Paul S
  11-14-16   Does anyone know about this German company that offers Compression driver that can do 80-5000Hz?   (11-14-16)..oxric
  11-14-16   Using Exotic LF CDs for Bass   (11-14-16)..skushino
  11-15-16   80Hz compression driver.   (11-15-16)..Romy the Cat
  11-15-16   Compression drivers are copies of western Electric 555 using original membranes   (11-15-16)..oxric
  11-15-16   I do not think so.   (11-15-16)..Romy the Cat
  11-15-16   Could be interesting though...   (11-15-16)..oxric
  12-26-16   ALE Loudspeakers.   (12-26-16)..xandcg
  5-5-17   Just a youtube video...   (5-5-17)..xandcg

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