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Topic: A quote from a Japanese critic

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Posted by yoshi on 05-03-2005

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"They were both artists thoroughly faithful to themselves.  Of course, their music was beautiful beyond description.  I learned many things through them.  I learned so many things not only from their music, but also from their way of life.  Today, we tend to calculate loss and gain based on such a short period of time.  Seeing them, I was awed by the greatness of one’s will.  Keenly felt how lonesome, not only an artist, but we human beings are.  They showed me the strength and the weakness of a man.  Wretchedness and dignity were served on a same plate.  They made me realize that wisdom and idiocy are brothers.  They let me understand that there’s always a limit from which you can’t go beyond no matter how hard you try.  And, because of that, they taught me, how priceless a moment of enlightenment can be. At the end of the day, to listen to a music is also to listen to a man.  Not just listen to a man, nor just listen to the notes." - from Kyo Mitsutoshi  “The World’s Best Classical Music” (on Gunter Wand and Sergiu Celibidache),  translation Yoshi Segoshi

After spending several years in the audio industry, I found myself less and less interested in music and automatically responding to the sound effects.  I’ve gotta seek my redemption.


Posted by dazzdax on 10-25-2005


Yeah, you're right Yoshi. Sometimes we have to detach ourselves from this ridicule audio hobby to be able to rediscover the true essence of music. Why do many audiophiles seek the ultimate in transparency, soundstage, bass reponse while the music is already there? I often experience a transcendental moment when listening to a classical FM broadcast on a cheap Sony radio before getting into sleep at night.


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