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Topic: Playback and Perception vs. Chicken and Egg

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 05-16-2008

Practicing audio we well-accustomed (well, at least a heandfull of us who are truly cognitive about what they do) that playback impacts perception. It is so but only partially. For years I have been practicing and experimenting with some, let me call them “exercises” that moderate perception of playback… in real time and let perception override some aspects of playback characteristics. A few month ago I communicated with a person who look like took the idea of real time perception moderation even much further and he claims that he was able to algorithm this process and to build a machinery that permits an active real-time intrusion and alternation of the Perception/Perception ceremony.

I have been thinking about it a lot the lost few months and actually have some interesting observations.  They certainly could not be shared but rather discovered, so do not anticipate any practical “how-to” methodology from me or the “perception attenuator” from the person mentioned above.

Still, I would like to point out to a few people with evolved audio awareness that behind good Sound from playback there is something else to work with and this something else always was there…

Romy the Cat

Posted by Axel on 08-16-2009
there is something else to work with and this something else always was there…"

Could you be referring to what I. Kant made known as "a priori"?

There are things in our consciousness that are apparent, present by "a priori" which in the case of playing back music would (and if you are willing to listen to that consciousness) tell you if it sounds RIGHT --- or maybe it doesn't...

There'd be a need of 'listening development'. This knowing is present, but not right away apparent - it needs some stimulation, some effort carried by MOTIVATION.

What next comes to mind, is that if you look at a bicycle, and you watch someone ride a bicycle, and then you read lots of books on HOW to ride a bicycle - you still don't actually KNOW what it feels like to ride a bicycle. You need to have the actual conscious physical ride experience (or listening experience) in order to KNOW.

Only motivation (enough motivation) will get you there or --- maybe not, no guaranties I guess.

Lastly, if you watch the bicycle life and make a film and then watch the film and then compare the two things, you still wouldn't know what it is like to ride one...


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