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Topic: The foolishness of multiple playback systems.

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 04-09-2008

Glancing a few days back over the latest TAS magazine I come across at the first pages Robert Harley’s article about a Asian guy who has zillion turntables, speakers setups and listening rooms in his home… Robert, wrote in his blog about that guy: “The World’s Number One Audiophile?”

I looked the guy’s  pictures and the Robert’s celebratory-exuberant literature and was puzzled.  I understand why Robert Harley drools over himself - he sees Mr. Ji Hui Li and a confirmation of the strategic idiocy that TAS is hatching for years. To bread the Morons frenzied with a ceremony of audio accumulation is that very ultimate goal and objective of today’s high-end audio industry….

Still, I always was wondering what people do with multiple playback systems.

I understand if the different playback systems have different purpose – one as the main reference playback system. Another might be in bedroom, or at work-desk, or at summer home…. I might even understand that it might be two reference playback systems with different “flavor”. Still, I feel that there is something very ridiculous in the desire of audio people to have multiple playback installations.

If we are taking that characters of a playback system are cables indicate how owner feels music should sound then there is a places for the ONLY one tailored playback.  Any other playbacks should be just the table-radios to serve the purpose.  It is not because I feel people shell save money on other playbacks. It is because I feel that if the system owner has other views about Sound then the “others views” shell be implemented withing the main references system.

I do feel that Mr. Ji Hui Li and Mr. Robert Harley are the World’s Greatest audiophiles” but I would also consider that Mr. Li and Mr. Harley gave to word “audiophilysam ”  very bad reputation, converting the cultivation of better sound into some kind of psychological disorder.

Rgs, Romy the caT

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