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Topic: "Consensus in audio" by Rick W

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 10-04-2007
I have no idea who he is but it is a good summary. Feel free to continue....

Posted by Rick W (A) on October 04, 2007 at 09:46:44
In Reply to: RE: Here's what I think's been missed. No publication since he early days of TAS... posted by clarkjohnsen on October 04, 2007 at 07:52:07

The new Horseswaggle Mk.XV amp as reviewed by a panel of experts:

Robert E. Greene - "Used without DSP the Horseswaggle made clarinets commingle with basses, with sound from both instruments eminating from the ceiling."

Anthony Salvatore - "Highs: adequate. Mids: adequate. Lows: adequate."

Robert Harley - "Stunningly real. Pristine and crystalline sound."

Art Dudley - "Lifeless. Its portrayal of music is artificial. The audio equivalent to W's press conferences."

Abe Collins - "No bass slam."

JA - "I'd tell you how this measures, but they only have four U.S. dealers."

Sam Tellig - "After the factory tour we had a marvelous lunch at Senor Horseswaggle's villa."

HP - "If they can find a way to mitigate the slight hardening at 173.5 Hz, its possible that an orchid-like blossoming of the gestalt of the viola section in the soundtrack from Psycho could be achieved. Further evaluation awaits the arrival of the Mark XVI update at Seacliff."

Clark Johnsen - "If you haven't placed 16 Ingenious Triangles on the wall behind where you put the Horseswaggle - which itself should be sat upon on the magnificent new QAS (quantum amp stand), taken care to cover the top of the amp with strips of the splendiferous Electro-Magic I told you about in my last PF column, and IC'd your cerebrum......then you'll never know how good the 1934 Scherchen 78 of Beethoven's 3rd Symphony sounds through this amp."

Romy - "The inapt audioMorons who perputritted ths travistry on deaf fools leik you desurv to be straped to a metil chare and furcd to listen to the eer-splitzing cacoufany it results."

Rick W - "Its a great amp. But since it sounds almost identical to the Gunga Mk.IV - which cost $32 less - I can't recommend it."

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