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Topic: A truly cool solution for RIAA re-tuning….

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 08-29-2007
All records, particularly from good period, were recorded at different equalization. Even the records that were RIAA marked were in fact WAY off…

How to deal with it? Running a feedback to high impedance, in the way how it made in EAR 384P, permited useing ultra small values of caps. I use variable air caps that act as a perfect equalizers… However, the variable air caps are very hard to dial-in exactly, at least the caps that I'm useing. Here I found today a solution that might do exactly what is necessary.

It is an electronically programmable capacitor. So far it is up to 14.5pF, another year and it will be larger and as soon it hits hundreds of pFs it will be perfect for LP correction. I do not know how they milk capacitates in there and I hope that capacitates do have good sound….,1477,X90100,0.html

The caT

Posted by Paul S on 08-29-2007
How is one sure of finding/matching the actual turnovers used for the recording, since, as you mention, the labels don't always tell the whole story?

Or is this just another way to fiddle with the sound?

Does the switching get/stay out of the way?

Cool idea, anyway!

I hope the resistors themselves sound OK.

Paul S

Posted by drdna on 08-30-2007
Romy, next you will be suggesting a digital equalizer! ;D

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