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Melquiades Amplifier
Topic: Has anyone built the DIY Melquiades amp??

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Posted by Jordi on 08-24-2007
Has anyone built the DIY Melquiades amp shown on this site? Looks like an easy DIY project to pop off over a weekend.
If I build them (which would be PURELY for fun because they're not going to be able to compete with my sweet sweet Quicksilvers!),
I'm going to use different cases. Man, the one's shown are U-G-L-Y.

Posted by yoshi on 08-24-2007
 Jordi wrote:

PURELY for fun because they're not going to be able to compete with my sweet sweet Quicksilvers!

That's fine and dandy.  However, I'm very curious to hear your answers to Romy's question regarding your motivation behind the K-horn mod and what kind of music you mainly listen to.  Would you please elaborate on that?  I've been checking the site almost every couple of hours to see if your response was posted!


Posted by Romy the Cat on 08-24-2007

.. and therefore I do not know how serious to take you.

As far as I know as now there are no people who have built Melquiades. I know that up to now about 5 attempts to do it but no one finished it yet up to the point that might report result. Dima is about to build Melquiades, in fact it might take place over this weekend.

Yes, the Milq project is very simple. If you get 6E5P on EBay for nothing and if you have a good amorphous output transformer that might care the 6C33C current then it is a weekend-length project.

If you are interesting to do so with aim of driving your K-horns then there are two things that I would advise you.

1) Do not build any cases but make one single prototype “on table” of Melquiades, assessing the Melquiades sound.

2) Do not build anything until you clearly identify for yourself what exactly does not satisfy you in Sound of your current amplifier.

Be careful with your assessment “for fun” as Milq has a driver stage that light miles more interesting sonically then what you might experienced so far. Also, Milq, came in my life after my graduation of Lamm ML2 university, and the ML2 level I might assure you is way beyond the level where Quicksilver can function competitively.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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