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Topic: Write your own ploy of the World’s End.

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 08-22-2007

 malinowski wrote:
guitar in my lap. cost me 150 bucks, never plays the same thing twice...

So is my FM tuner!!!

I do not know why but your comment that your guitar is great because it never plays the same things twice make me to laugh very hard and also think as well. Your comment was probably is the greatest thing that I ever read on my site.  In fact this entire concept is so powerful that it might be a perfect ploy for a screen play… Let me to try my ad-hoc version. Pretend that something like this:

God left to men an ordinary looking but paranormaly-capable guitar (or lute, or flute, or whatever…) that is capable to fulfill wishes and the strength of the fulfillment is depending to the guitar plays something closer to what it was ever played before… There is a catch however. If the guitar plays the absolutely identical sound that ever played before then it brings to Earths the apocalyptic events. People are keep trying…

I could paint that plot with a LOT of drama… What a phenomenal audio post! Talking about the Magic Flute or the Holey Grail...
Romy the caT

Posted by malinowski on 08-22-2007
Ironic you mentioned FM because when I flipped from the Dodger game over to FM just now.. I got some Jesus nutjob saying the world was going to end.. next channel.. same message, next channel was Clearchannel pop station playing some horrible pre-programmed crap.. then two stations over, the same song and same clear-channel programming from someplace in hell (texas). You're onto something Romy and I am starting become VERY afraid! lol. but i do appreciate my good FM stations all the more... oh and the last time I remember.. the smurfs were able to save us from the magic flute - anyone know where they are these days? i'd drive them over to the FCC myself if I know where some were. (hmm theres a movie plot too: michael moore takes the smurfs to the FCC. michael? you reading this?

Posted by Romy the Cat on 08-24-2007

There is a deadly mind virus that is spreading across human population of Earth. The virus when affect the brain instantaneously send a person to comma and eventually kills the person. Initially no one can figure out how the virus gets transmitted form person to person and a half population of the planet has died. (I hope they were all republicans). Eventually the scientists discovered that the virus inflicts a human brain when a person hears a special sequence of sounds but no one can figure out what exactly the sequence is as whoever heard it turned dead. Everyone is afraid to make any noise. The scientists have revealed approximate sequence of the tone that flips the brains but they are afraid to try the last notes. The search for the lethal notes combination is in progress and of the world calls it “The Absolute Sound”…

Rgs, The Cat

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