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Topic: Audio and Politic: a solution?

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 07-16-2007

In the John Potis’ article about the Moronity of Audio Dealers published at Mr. Potis asked: “If we get the government we deserve, why not audio?”

It is ironic that this question popped-up in the 6moons, as the Srajan’s site is superbly non-critical and very much was brewed-up to celebrate and to commemorate audio-Moronity™. Well, Srajan, as usually, is wiling to sound “kinky” and he wiling to behave like a cigarette companies, the companies that are cynic enough to advertise do not buy their products. I have predicted years back that soon or later it become “fashionable” among the audio-marketing pack to create a surgically-narow dissatisfaction regardless some specific cashabe  aspects of the industry and then to capitalize on the fact of “honesty” (and the “alternativeness of the selling techniques”). The circus has gone but the clowns are still performing…. It looks like the audio-marketing targets the 16 years old teenagers…

Anyhow, I have covered the subject of the dealer’s stupidity many times, here is for instance:

John’s article is perfectly depicts the picture and ask right questions: is Moronity of the dealers is a direct reflection of the consumer’s primitivism. I feel “yes” – the audio people do deserve the idiocy that the industry feeds them because the audio participant on the user’s side are very simplistic/naïve (in audio terms) accomplices.  How different would it be from our recognition of outsells as Americans?  Well, we Americans as a nation do deserve our government. It is very much similar to us, as the audio people, who deserve that the most revolting audio-criminals run the tank of the audio industry over then dead bodies of the audio participants.

Yes, the audio industry and political system in US today at the very identical stage with ironically similar methods and objectives. I do not feel that any party or organization in US present my interests and as well, I do not feel that any group of interests or organization in audio represent my interests or the interest of unadulterated Sound. Ironically I have a figurative solution that I practice for years in audio and have a phenomenal success, at least I never experienced any “bad” dealers…  My solution is equally successful for audio and for a politics.


I have a well-formed vision how out political system should function: I am pro legal slaughtering out our political leaders. Right in White House and in the Senate it should be a specially assigned place (right next to the podium) for a uniformed police officer who should be permitted and obliged to shoot any speaker at the podium if he/she recognizes that what the speaker at the podium say anything that just “might be”a BS”. Well, a regular police officer from Brooklyn who spent 20 years in the force will detect BS as soon a speaker just open his/her mouth, why don’t we put it to the real service?  So, we will loose in beginning a few congressmen, a few representatives and a few Presidents but then, after we replace them with a few more the very interesting changes will begin. A person who will run for a public office will have real reasons to do so. The very next time then a person will open his moth at a public podium he/she will be REALLY SURE that his words have very tangible meaning and very sober intentions. Would it be too bad? I do not think so… in fact I have practicing it for years in audio and… surprised, surprised… I never have seen any bad dealers or the unexpected Moronity coming from audio people.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

Posted by Paul S on 07-16-2007
Since most of the audio drummers actually listen to the junk they promote [before they sell it], perhaps a better fix would be to force them to endure, a la A Clockwork Orange, good music coming from a good system.

And congress, etc., along with their families, should be leading the charge at every battle front, and they should all be forced to enjoy the same "benefits package" enjoyed by the average US citizen.

Progress through education; justice through parity.

Best regards,
Paul S

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