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Topic: Position your speakers anal-retentively.

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 01-01-2005

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Positioning your speakers in your room is one of the most complicated tasks. The advanced and audio- experienced audio people can position speakers with 5-10 inch precision and get OK result (as far as they concern) but here is where everything only starts. The positioning that I am talking about has 1/4 or even less precision and very-very few people has experience or knowledge about the benefits that the last few millimeters might impact to sound in your rooms. Make a simple test. Reduce the output of one of your channel to 8-12dB or cover the channels with a think blanket. Now begin to walk around your room including even behind the speakers. If sound change at any given place in your room (and I am not talking about the irrelevant tonal deviations) then your speaker are NOT positioned properly. As an alternative you might try even a simpler test. Lift a one side of your speaker at 1-2 inch from the floor (use a jack of you should) – just tilt them in any direction (I propos to tilt them because if your speakers are positioned properly then you should not be crazy to touch them in the way which might reposition them). If after a very slight tilt your playback DID not loose a huge amount of dynamics, tonal discrimination, ability to highlight the musical accents and did not begin to sound like a typical hi-fi installation then your speaker were NOT position properly.

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