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Topic: It is imposable to “hear distortions”.

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 12-31-2004

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I do not mean that they are inaudible, they are. But it is imposable to hear distortions as a byproduct of original signal. The original signal is heard as is. The distortions, however heard as a separate entity, not related with the original signal. Therefore in context of original signal we do not recognize or acknowledge distortions. What we do recognize are those “disconnected”, paralleled to the original signal separate sequence of sonic messages – or the separate sounding distortions. Similar to the separation of a Possess and a Language of Possess the distortions and music are separated and what we call distortions are not colorations of the original signals but rather the sounds (the echoes) of the processes that caused the distortions. So, do not minimize distortions. Instead make the processes that cause the distortions to operate more in manner mimicking the behavior of the original signals.

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