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Topic: What is interesting about the design?

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Posted by Paul S on 04-15-2007
I should begin by mentioning that I actually liked Vandersteen's original 2C, within its limits, driven by a nice soft pp amp, like the CJ MV50.  But to me V's designs got/get worse with every "improvement", right up to and including the last 3s I heard.  For one thing, one had to get past that horrific "beryllium" (or whatever it was/is) tweeter in order to even consider the rest of the "design".

It is true, of course, that certain initially-bad-sounding speakers can be tweaked and/or "developed" to "sound good" by drawing/building on their strengths and ameliorating their faults.  But I have not heard to date from the fancier Vandersteens anything that made me hanker for the 5s, reviewer prattle notwithstanding.  I can say the same for any Thiels I have heard, which may put this into better perspective for you.  Almost the antithesis of what I listen for, with a strong emphasis on the "parts-du-jour" and seemingly no consideration for motive, etc., generally short on lyrical expression, to my ears.

What do you want to change about your current speakers?  What are you looking/listening for that you think might be realized in the Vandersteen 5s?  They want LOTS of power, don't they?

Best regards,
Paul S

Posted by Stringreen on 04-15-2007
Actually, they don't require that much power.   The lows have their own 1000 watt amps, so one need only to drive the mid/highs with one's own amp.  I've heard that a good 30 watt amp can do the job.  I am quite satisfied with my speakers however.

Posted by Stringreen on 04-14-2007
Has anyone heard the Vandersteen 5A's..  Seems like an interesting design

Posted by Wojtek on 04-16-2007
Hi there
I've heard them a few times driven by Audio Research power plant amp and their best tube CD player. My friendly dealer explained to me principles of Vandersteen design. Small woofer (because big one isn't fast enough ??) with its own plate amp. and mid -high section which is time aligned and driven from outside amp. The midrange supposed to be patented design with small diameter tubular magnet to prevent back wave refections. They offer typicall high -end sound ("resolution" (in the Absolute Sound meaning ) ,pin-point imaging and disapearing act ) The tweeter is pretty offensive but overall they aren't aggresive.(you can adjust the mid -high level) I don't like this kind of sound but most of folks who visit the store just love them. They mostly listen to light jazz.

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