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Topic: Entereing the "Design Mode"

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 08-22-2006

It is interesting how my audio interests enter something that I call "design mode".  The Design Mode is not really a state of being but rather a state or interaction between sound reproduction and me.

As I said before I seldom think in term of ability of the elements of playback to deliver own things instead, I try to think in term of the element’s capacity to accomplish my objectives. To me, design something in audio is more about visualization of results and conceptualizing of methods. I do not bind objectives to concepts but try to invent and conceive outcome of a solution without having a solution. Interesting that before the "solution" shape itself as tangible accomplishment the most interesting parts starts: I test it.

It might be sound very off the wall but I very much hear and do listen the “visualized Sound”. I listen it on my playback, on anyone else playback, during listening live sound or playing music in my head. I assess how different interpretations of a specific peaces would be affected my new sonic visualization and sometimes I feel where the delta between the obtainable sound and visualization sound is.  This pretty much sets very precise target what I would like to get in the end of the "design processes". I might agree that this "design mode" is semi-hallucinatory process but perception IS reality and where is the appropriateness of sound reproduction lives besides in our own minds?

Anyhow, when the visualization process is through and all my inner-me agrees upon what I heard then, only then I turn a system or a solder on, and try to do deferent things with them: would it be teaching the amplifiers to sound, building horns or inventing bicycle. While I do so, I’m trying to make audio to do what I have visualized and although the accidents are possible but even positive accidents recognized as positive only if they are affinity with the visualization results.

I would like to BS anyone and particularly myself: I very rarely know HOW to accomplish the visualized results and how to get there. It usually happens, if ever happens, by employing various discovery, research and help means. Still, it always implies a lot of spent time, money, burned efforts, making a lot of mistakes, faulty conclusions other ego not gratifying things. Also, in many cases a solution to accomplish the visualized result never was found. However, the most interesting part is that the solution is not the most important part for me.  The most important part and the most fascinating part for me is the process of inventing the visualization and the process of thinking about the validity of the visualization…

Another, interesting aspect of the "design mode" is that when I am process of fulfilling the visualization I’m practically loosing my desire to listen music. I do listen music but I do it differently and very not “technically”. Of course I do not juts listen the sounds and my definitions of “technical listening” implies all six levels of listing evaluations:

but still my listening during this phases is too much filled of hierarchy to be “interesting” at higher level of listening perception (4th and up) . Therefore during my "design mode" I try to not touch any new interesting material that would require a free awareness to reflect the heard. For instance, now I have an amassing collection of early recordings of my beloved John Barbirolli that I’m holding off to dive in. Amphissa sent me a wonderful collection of Nikolai Myaskovsky’s recording that I also keep putting aside. I have a pile of interesting, new to me, recordings of US’s composers from 1946-47 that I prepared for myself to listen when I “will be back” but did not touch them for a few weeks…

Anyhow, the "design mode" is different state of my audio involvement…

Romy the caT

Posted by Romy the Cat on 08-31-2007
This time the "design mode", while I am working with my new 6 channels Super Milq, is kind of different. I do think about the new amp alot and about the new opportunities that it will give to me, I am slowly work on it but I for whatever reasons do not listen my playback. Since the last week when the APS regenerator turned out to be broken it poisoned my room I did not even turn the playback on. Well, I did turn it twice but I did not have a desire to play anything… The electricity is bad, the mono versions of Macondo do not sound right, the APS negative impact is too strong…. I am playing my table radio and do not look forward to tune the “big system” on. It is not highly productive “design mode” and I even spand no more then 30 minis per day with rebuilding my Super Milq….

A dry period…. Romy the caT

Posted by jessie.dazzle on 08-31-2007
I'm feeling quite dry myself... No interest in listening to half a system... Just pushing myself to get on with the manual labor... It is somehow like therapy.

Been working mostly on the frames for the horns. They are going along quite well... The first one is now about the size of a small truck chassis... parked right outside the bedroom door... however...

Romy wrote :
"...Still, it always implies a lot of spent time, money, burned efforts, making a lot of mistakes..."

Not only burned efforts; tonight i set my hair on fire (big crackling flames due to stuff I put in my hair which helps me look acceptable for my DAY JOB) while doing an extremely thorough job of welding a tube in the wrong place (really beautiful welds though!)... Tomorrow i will cut it out and do it right...


Posted by Romy the Cat on 09-01-2007
 jessie.dazzle wrote:
No interest in listening to half a system... Just pushing myself to get on with the manual labor... It is somehow like therapy.
Yep, it is interesting how awareness works – since a result is conceptualized and envisioned the awareness dements to witness and validate the apparition and takes nothing less as a satisfaction. I’m known for not-voluntary imposing to myself the intentional “Drought”. Not-voluntary but intentional? Yes, it is kind of strange – I do not listen music from my “old audio” but it is not my intellectual decision but rather my following to some internal natural behavioral instincts…

Posted by Romy the Cat on 10-30-2007
It is truly exciting time in my Macondo/ Melquiades biography. The 6-chennal Super Melquiades is done and fully operational. The 6-chennals of left Macondo speaker have build to the 6-chennal Milq. It “works” fine, not it is time to make it to sound in the way it should. The rough crossovering is in place but now the very fine tuning is left: 50Hz here or 20Hz there, one db here or a half db there, tuning the plate loading of each channel… In context of 6-chennal manipulating with all many available variables are very-very flexible process, very powerful process, very influential process and incredibly exciting process. It allows to writing the exact sound I wish to have and at the same time it educate what is possible. I have a tendency to do it very slow, spending more time thinking of what I hear then listening the auditable. This time the tools are available are truly limitless and it only not only to set a large picture of sound but rather to go into small minute details. This time it is very fascinating, in way intricate but still incredibly interesting…

Rgs, Romy the caT

Posted by Romy the Cat on 11-12-2007
Last weekend my playback entered a typical for me winter mode. During winter my amps are running all time and this weekend they were running since Friday to Sunday deep night. Even when I leave home for a few hours I do not shut them down – why?s The new 6-way Milk run stable, current and temperature-vise, everything is fine expect the permanent pain - the need to convert right 3-way Milq amp into new 6-way version. However, I kind of too lazy to do it and I afraid that this stage of soldering apathy might last up the … next summer… as make any changes with my right amp would take it out of service for a couple weeks…

The Cat

Posted by Romy the Cat on 02-16-2009

“Forever! That must be fully comprehended,” whispered the Master, and he licked his dried, cracked lips. He begun to listen carefully and pay close attention to everything that was happening in his soul. His excitement, it seemed to him, had turned into a feeling of deep and deadly resentment. But it was short-live, it passed, and gave way for some reason to a feeling of proud indifference, which, in turn become a presentiment of permanent peace. - Mikhail Bulgakov “Master and Margarita”

A week or so my mind entered a “design mode” regarding the adoption of DHT in Melquiades MF channel. My “design mode” has nothing to do with calculation of operation parameters or sourcing the necessary parts but it rather a state of thinking about Sound in trim of specific modification. Ironically it is not necessary implies a lot of listening but rather a lot of thinking, reflection and visualization about the sound that I would like to have as a result of my modification.

I think at this point I have a very clear picture where I would like to end and I have very define vision HOW my MF I would like to sound. Where I will be going it will be a slight departure from what Macondo does now and I am not sure that the Macondo in it’s current setting will be able to handle it – it might require to re-thing some things. I also not sure that DHT is the right method that would allow me to be where I would like to be. It looks like an interesting direction but I also feel that return to two-stage Milq with 6C33C at output would be more secure and predictable way to start. The key is that I have a very clear idea what I would like to get at a result, not I need to figure out how….

The Cat

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