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Topic: Dunlavy SC++ loudspeakers as a vaccination from high-end audio

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 08-13-2021

Posted by Romy the Cat on 08-15-2021

Posted by Romy the Cat on 08-19-2021
I had today time and pleasure to spend some time to listen my Dunlavy SC-III with TN51 tweeter and a new 3K tweeter crossover. What a marvelous change! As I said above the Dunlavy instantly cot converted from corky cult product to a truly magnificent and very friendly acoustic system. I played today a lot of complex material, mostly from BSO from 40s and the new Dunlavy were beyond all my expectation. It is not the sound that I care so much but the whole prestation: somehow the music was exactly how I feel it should be with no typical Dunlavy’s “talking behind the corner”. Those pails who own larger Dunlavy you have no idea what kind treasure you have and what opportunity you are missing.

Posted by Romy the Cat on 08-20-2021
I spent most of the nigh today working in my listening room while listening my Dunlavy++. Since it was deep night, I was listening quietly and mostly Jimmy Scott, that I love a lot. What the liberating experiences was with the Dunlavy++!!! One of the strangest and ridicules facts about the Dunlavy++ is that they are to throw a full range bloom at the lowest possible dynamic level. I have lowers possible volume setting at my system and it already sounds in term of fullness as it plays at 100dB. Typically, this effect moderated by two parameters: preamp and speakers. The old version of Active Placcete is the only preamps I have seen that can do a full sound regardless of the volume and something that Dunlavy++ do at lowest volume is very spectacular and frankly speaking surprise me. I have no idea why it is so seductive and liberating I need to bring a few local guys to here my new Dunlavy++ who would tell me that I am a Moron as I am absolutely falling in love with this new speaker.

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