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Topic: Education vs Magic

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 12-06-2019
Recently I have a very interesting conversation regarding the way how a person can be introduced to “better” audio. There is no need to advocate to the readers of this forum that different quality of sound reproduction might directly affect listening experience. However many people do not have own experience with this connection between sound quality and listening benefits. So, the conversation I was involved was about the more effective way to introduce an uninformed person to this connection. The argument was poled around two main direction: Education vs Magic.

Education: gradual introduction to a person ideas, concepts, experiences, evidences…. etc.… until a person develops his sensitivity to the “connection” and enable himself to get the magic of recorded performing events.
Magic: let person to experience that magical moment when playback effort opens to a person a new listening opportunity and then to introduce “education” from there.

Posted by rowuk on 12-06-2019
The gradual introduction seems to only happen when you are born or move into into a family that "cares" about music. You are exposed to it even before there is recognition what it is. The family does not even need high end playback, they just need taste and the will to discuss what makes things good. Generally there is a commitment to dialog about recordings and performances.
Magic is how I think that most "audiophiles" get bitten. After that magic moment, they will take one of two paths - one to deeper understanding with a commitment to dialog, or the second-> to audiophoolness. Generally then is no commitment to dialog, just monologue...

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