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Horn-Loaded Speakers
Topic: Danleys ear is just fine

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Posted by decoud on 01-05-2016

I know he has implemented it (near) full range, but perhaps it could be a way to shrink low frequency estate? Or will it stand to an uncontorted horn as an insect eye stands to a human one?

Posted by Paul S on 01-05-2016
"Perfect" for use with one's i-Pod, according to Sharper Image? Nice gambit for a retirement plan.

Best regards,
Paul S

Posted by decoud on 01-06-2016
Danley, however narrow his focus, is intelligently inventive. It is hard not to wonder what he would do if he had a refined ear to hand, so to speak.

Posted by rowuk on 06-05-2019
I would not doubt Tom Danleys capabilities to hear. There just is no long time money in hi fi (especially if you have ears)and he gets an amazing job done in the PA world.

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