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Topic: Klipsch Jubilee

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Posted by noviygera on 10-27-2018
I've been thinking about trying the Klipsch Jubilee. The idea I have is to replace my bass channel (Aura 1808 in reflex box) together with midbass channel (Funktion One F115) with a single Klipsch Jubilee channel. Of course I'm talking about stereo pair. The frequency range that I need to have covered is 30-250hz.
FYI Funktion One F115:

There are a couple of theoretical benefits that I see going from two to one channel in that range:
1. no crossover from 30-250 hz.
2. single elegant solution, use of a horn in conjunction with room corner
3. horn loaded bass + midbass 

My current bass+midbass is OK but definitely has some sonic issues. The 1808 subs, I have crossing over at 50hz to midbass boxes. This is a pretty seamless transition and does not cause problems in my view. Also this combination never runs out of steam and keeps it's composure at any sale levels in my listening space. The issue is the upper range of the midbass, around 250Hz where it begins to lose definition and starts to sound closed in and thick. So a one channel solution that is proper sounding in it's upper range would be most interesting, considering that the Jubilee is designed to go up to 400hz. This is my concept based on the Jubilee specs and is no way based on real sonic proof of the concept.

I have no experience with Jubilee so I am asking for thoughts on this design and the sonics from those who have heard the Jubilee. Also, it would be interesting to hear your views (even theoretical evaluation) of such an approach as the Jubilee offers.

Posted by Romy the Cat on 10-27-2018
I went there a year or so ago and even had in my room Klipsch corner horns. I do not know, it is bit freaky. You need to understand that all of these surface-loaded folded horns are not really a horns but resonance chamber. It does not means that they necessary sound bad, they just sound how they sound and when they do there is very little what can you with them. Jubilee are not corer loaded in a direct sense but the idea is very much the same. If you are lucky enough to have a lucky room when the corner-loading will work out then good for you. I have seen it just twice in my life when corner-loading worked very well but mostly it never did well. 
Also, be realistic in your expectations in term of response. Jubilee reported to go down to 50Hz but I am pretty sure that the peak they get somewhere at 90-100Hz. So, mitigate your expectations accordingly…

Posted by Paul S on 10-27-2018
Gera, I have lived with similar for years, turned this problem all around many times.  While something like 15" Tesla AROs should work well up to 250 Hz,  I think you will have to get very clever to get more than flatulence or thumping below 40 Hz from anything I know of that "sounds good" at 250 Hz.  It seems like, to solve the problem you have posed, one needs a "good" low pass filter set to 30 Hz, or even lower, which is a hellova place to start, and then, like Romy said, there are room modes to counter, as well.  This is why people run the lowest octave up a bit, to free up the mid/upper bass for Music.

Best regards,
Paul S

Posted by noviygera on 10-31-2018
To me, getting good sound from 50-250hz with one channel is almost a victory. That is exactly what I am unable to get in my system. So even though the aim is wider bandwidth, if the Jubilee is good for 50-250hz, within the context of high eff horn system, that is a big accomplishment and makes worth checking these speakers. But also it's a good point that they are very room dependent by design, making a specific room trial mandatory. They are worth of an audition, I think. One more downside is the almost certain need for delays of the upper horn sections and use of whole system DSP. 

Posted by Wojtek on 10-31-2018
If you're willing to travel to Notown I can lend you a pair of K-Horn bass bins loaded with Altec 803a.They are not Jubilee  and you would probably want to augment it with some sub-bass but maybe not since I only experienced them in a frame house with suspended floor not in the concrete basement. I do not wish to sell them but since I don't use them at the present due to "personal reasons" you could have the chance to experiment with corner solution . That's if you don't have anybody local with the pair although I do think altec 803a sounds special in the bins. 

Posted by Paul S on 10-31-2018
Gera, if you're going to be reasonable and settle for a low frequency of 50 Hz from this channel, this gives you a wider range of choices, and you might try your Klipsch, or you might try a number of older, "thin" paper cone, 15" drivers.  And if you start at 50 you might also be able to run it  higher than 250, if you want.  Anyway, the good news is that this has been done successfully without DSP.  Below 50 is another matter, of course.

Best regards,
Paul S

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