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Posted by Romy the Cat on 04-25-2006

This post will be in a way off the wall as it has little relation to the regular subject of my site. I have quite enough people out there who love to spread rumors about me. I rarely ague with them and prefer juts to send those people to hell: come on, they are the audio Morons ™ and they need to breed myths, if not about the back boxes then about the people around the black boxes… However, this time I would make exception. Defiantly the Audiogon is not the please that deserve exception, still I do it juts for sake of illustration how the little knowledge and desire to subscribe the myths leads to the mistaken conclusions.

I receive today email informing me that someone at Audiogon mention my site and informed people that I was banned from Audiogon. Also the people proposed that I was banned form AA… This is very much incorrect. I was not banned from AA but banned AA from the place where my content deserved to be posted. Generally I well know how to behave among the AA in order to never return to those people and to the conversations that I have no interest. I fully employ my social skills and never slipped. The only placed from where I was actually banned was banned was the Audiogon.

Ironically I was not banned from the Audiogon because my “outspokenness got him in big trouble”. I was Audiogon member for years using name “VeryBigAmp”. I very rarely socialize with audio people in there as first: they are not at my level of interest in there, second: there is too much lying in there, their: the content of the posts and threads in there is severally edited by sponsors of the site. So, I keep my VeryBigAmp login juts to damp to Audiogon some unemployed or leftover gear, as many other people do… until a few years back…

I had one extra Expressive Technologies SU-1 transformer that I had no needs as SU-2 does better. The SU-1 was quite rare and quite wonderfully performed transformer. I had not needs to sell it but I have a lot of MC options and I decided to let one of my SU-1 to go. The few buck those Audiogon charges where not big deal and I placed the SU-1 for some king of obscene price of $6K-$7K, figuring that if some one would bite then I would let it go. The transformer was sold with 2-3 days. I did inform the buyer that I asked too much for it but he knew what he was buying and it was fine with him. As far as I know he was very pleased with the deal and with the result he got out of this transformer.

Then the Audiogon funs begun. A few days after the transformer was sold a guy send me email informing me that I was asking too much for the SU-1. The guy had Asian name and told me that he is from NJ. I reply quite politely that I need no his opinion as the transformer has already sold for the price I asked. In response he sent at least a half dozen emails, quite lengthy emails proving to me that I was lying about the transformer  sale (!!! ) and informing that I had to sell the transformer to him. I was so surprise with that idiot I replied that I reply with a full force of my semantic. In response that fool send very rationally shaped offer to pay for my transformer $1.500 and no penny more. I did not reply of course. He kept sending me emails threatening me that if I do not sell the transformer to him for $1.500 then I will never eave will be sorry as I never will change to sell/post at Audiogon. I reply. I reply and when he read it then within 15 minuets my “VeryBigAmp” account was canceled.  That it how I was “banned” from Audiogon.

I do not know who that idiot was, way he the Audiogon owner, one of his friend of one of the many industry assholes who lobby that shameful site.  Now you get a taste of the Audiogon really. Do you feel it is only the Audiogon?  Do you want the stories how I was “ultimatumed” to endorse the different products at AA? I’m really not wiling to dive into all that dirt. It has little to do with real audio, but know it all you might understand my attitude toward to those empty hoodlums who feel that they “do audio” whale they type on keyword…

With no intention to continue this thread…
Romy the caT

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