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Horn-Loaded Speakers
Topic: 5 way system in the UK

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Posted by guy sergeant on 03-22-2016
A friend of mine showed this 5 way system at the annual enthusiasts event at Scalford Hall here in the UK.

This comprises Lab Subs for LF, Some straight 80 Hz horns with Eminence drivers for upper bass. LM Audio 555 replicas on 160 Hz LeCleach horns running up to Vitavox S2's on smaller 600 Hz LeCleach horns & RAAL Lazy ribbons above. Crossover was a Nadja digital type (DIY Audio has details of that).

Some nice turntables in use too from TechDas, Kodo Beat, SME, STST and SPJ La Lucce.

Upstairs at the same show there were some very good sounding Klangfilm cinema horns from the 1950's which had been brought over from Germany by some of the Lenco Heaven people.

More pictures of the event here.

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