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Topic: Do not worry.

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Posted by pokie on 11-09-2008


I've just got RX 5000 from my uncle, but don't really know how to remove platter form its frame. I've made handels to put in 2 provided screws on platter but I still can't remove. Does anyone help me this?



Posted by RonyWeissman on 11-09-2008
Hi, if it's like mine you have to pull up very hard and it slides off. spray some lubricant in there maybe at first?

R weissman

Posted by Romy the Cat on 11-09-2008
Yes, I had 4 Micros 5000 and one of them was almost glued platter. You need to flip it upside down and hit with a small hammer to knock to the TT’s back, in the bearing. It will eventually slide out. To service Micro Seiki 5000 is kind of tricky… I do not remember exactly by you might need to unscrew the center peace in this TT, it is depends of what kind platter you get with your 5000 .The Cat

Posted by pokie on 11-10-2008
Many thanks,   I don't really what version my platter is.  Could you tell me from this pic?

I removed the Thorens mat so it now looks so disgusting.

Posted by Romy the Cat on 11-10-2008
I see, it is the simple one. There is nothing that holds this platter. Flip it and “shake” it. If it is not working then throw the TT in a freezer of a half of day, then take it off and heat with blowtorch-like devise the bottom bearing. It is extreme measure and you shell be able to take it off without it.

Posted by pokie on 11-13-2008
I manged to split the platter off already  ( take the whole bearing with the platter, up side down on the thick card board and hit it, nothing harms the bearing). Now I would like to earth the bearing but I can't see anywhere I can hook.  Can anyone advise me this? 


Posted by Romy the Cat on 11-13-2008
Sorry, I do not follow you. If I remember correctly the regular, non-air-bearing Micro 5000 has a few inches long cylinder that is sitting in a shaft that serves as a horizontal bearing. For virtual bearing they use a small metal ball under the bottom that pressed by the bearing cover (with very badly made pressure plate that always is warn in old TT and need to be replaced). You stick the cylinder from under the bottom, press the bottom plate and then hang the platter on the other side. It is very simple. I do not know what “split the platter” would mean. If you removed it from the cylinder then what would mean the “earth the bearing”? Just unscrew 4 screws from the bottom and the cylinder and bearing will fall out. If you unscrew the screws but the bearing does not go then hit recursively the tip of the cylinder and the bottom plate with light hummer and they will go off. There is nothing that holds it the cylinder in there. Do not be overly zealous with hammering. In this TT you will not damage it but if your TT was not oiled for 30 years that you do not what to scratch the external sides of the cylinder and internal sides of the shaft.

Posted by chaslieb on 02-04-2016
I just acquired a Micro RX-1500. Without the platter on, the bearing unit turns very slowly suggesting a highly viscous oil. The spindle turns freely, but the feel to my fingers is like turning a spoon in honey. It undoubtedly will turn much more freely with a heavy platter on top with a pull on the outside edge. Nevertheless, the age of the table leads me to believe that the oil has gummed up.  

There is a stern warning on the bottom plate of the bearing which says, "Do not remove rear cap of the center shaft. If this warning is not heeded, the oil which is hermetically sealed will escape and this will cause trouble."  [-X  

I fear the wrath of the Micro Seiki label makers and note that the high viscosity can be intentional as it certainly will reduce vibration or wear of metal on metal. Have you tried turning their RX version Seiki spindle without the platter, and is it meant to be so viscous? Has anyone removed the bottom plate and cleaned the spindle or replaced the oil?  What type of oil is supposed to be used?

This deck has the vacuum plate so the viscosity may also prevent the oil from running into the vacuum ports. Any one with a heavy platter Micro with a non-air bearing is asked to put in their experiences.



Posted by Romy the Cat on 02-04-2016
Charles, do not worry, discard the warning. There is many bolts iron plate at the bottom. You need to open up, clean up the old used up and solidified oil and put new one. Do not ask what one to use - no one know. Oil today is 10000 time better then it was 40 years back, you will use your own sense and to get the one you like. With a good oil and healthy bearing you should get ~ 3min of platter rotation after you get 33 RPM and take belt off. One more thing to watch. At the bottom of the shaft it will be a single ball mounted above a small steel plate. This small steel plate is removable. Inspect it as confirm that after the years of bad-oil rotation the ball did not make indentation in this small steel plate. If it goes them replace it, perhaps with porcelain or whatever makes you happy.

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