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Topic: HDTracks- 50% Off of any purchase!

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Posted by HDTracks on 08-27-2015

Hey everybody-

I work over at HDtracks (the premiere online music store for audiophiles and we are currently offering 50% off of any purchase if you vote in our singer-songwriter competition.

Voting will literally take you about 5 seconds (all it takes is one click) and then you will be given a code that will chop the cost of any purchase in our online store in half!

My apologies if this is interpreted as "spammy" but I assume that a massive discount on a vast library high-quality audio is of interest here.

Below is the link for the contest.


Posted by Romy the Cat on 08-28-2015
Hey, HDTracks, it is nice that I have an opportunity to ask. Can you tell me how do you do it? I mean if you sell a recording in let say 5 formats: mp3, 44K, 88, 92, 172K then what does it mean? I means what the format that you get source and how do you slide from that source into multiple formats?


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