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Topic: Those Video broadcasts from High-End shows.

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 11-19-2014

There is some kind of another audio show juts ended and the Exuberant Morons ™ flooder internet with another image and videos. Those videos are very interesting beast.
There are 3 types of videos out there.
First are the interview videos. The concept is not bad but the execution is in a borderline of being reticules. As the rules the interviewers at those video are almost retard with truly sub sophomoric questions. I personally did not see any single interesting question asked by those "journalists". As excuse I might say that the people they interview are frequently impotent to say anything worthy, so as result those videos look like public defecation during contraption….
Second are expository video. Those video are generally beneficial in context. If you have a very narrow interest in some kind of specificity then those expository video, where camera is slowly exploring this or that element of an installation or a component, might be beneficial. The problem however with those expository video is that they very frequently depicts that the person who made the video is a fool as  he/she seldom know what to shot.
The last third one is "sound" video where camera is trying to present you how the systems sound. I do not even comment upon it as you all know the result.
It is interesting that "industry leaders" have difficulty to make videos to work for them.  

Romy the Cat

Posted by Paul S on 11-19-2014
It's one thing to complain about "conditions" and offer excuses at a show; and I think most of us are more or less sympathetic in these cases. But it's another thing altogether when company principals and "journalists" lock arms and raise their voices together in praise of their horrible presentations. Even weirder, some of the videos actually wind up sounding better than the original sound at the show.

Paul S

Posted by rowuk on 11-20-2014
The desktop revolution has put tools in the hands of those with no creative purpose. Managers without a creative bone in their body put powerpoint presentations together -and then just read them word for word. Excel is often used instead of a a proper database, document management is a folder full of word documents.

Give someone a video camera and they instantly become Albert Hitchcock? I think not. Proper videos need preparation. It is not a given that just because someone "understands" the power of contrast, color density, perspective that they also have the background to ask proper questions on any given subject. Even if they use cue cards, we often can't help but notice that they don't understand the question. Even in the Oscar ceremony which is created and managed by the film industry, I can't help but notice the lack of depth and the helplessness of those praising and accepting praise.
Romy, you have often commented on the results of barbarians. Show videos are no different. Marketing departments are not there to advertise the advantages of the products, rather there to identify users dumb enough to be manipulated into wanting the products. Value is revenue generated, not how much the customer can be empowered to become better, more discriminate.

Maybe we do not understand the true intent. A video could have the purpose of "proving" that the "journalist was there" - not the viewer. Maybe we are simply supposed to be envious that someone else has opportunities that we do not........

Posted by Jorge on 11-20-2014
Most Show videos are made with no preparation, maybe only some quick light fix, like please turn those on or off.

I think the second type videos as Romy defined them are pretty useful,  just a nice Showcasing of the gear to see what is out there, how it looks and well, sound does come out of it!  Just say good things about the set up and move on.
It is like a car showcase,  they show mainly the car, running fast, but you never know how fast, and maybe just a couple of data: 0-100 km/hr in 3.4 seconds.   They will of course not show the under side of the car or make a closeup of the fuel pump!  And even crappy cars get a nice video, look beautiful cheap crappy car, it runs nice and there is a nice girl on it!

I think it is a great idea!  No it is not a review, nor is it a technical descrption...

Trying to get and idea of the sound through the video would be like trying to get and idea of how a car handles by shooting a video of the car running.

There is a time and a space for everything and this covers superficial very nicely!

Want more info get a white paper.

Posted by Romy the Cat on 11-21-2014

Well, writing a critical material about the Moronity of audio videos out there I presumably put myself in a position of a person "who knows better". The reality of the things is that if I do believe that I know better and if my task would be to use video to depict how Macondo sounds then I would end up mostly with garbage, not different then the garbage of the people that I criticize. My critiques of people out there in fact not about the fact that they useless video but that they use very bad judgment uploading them.
For sure we have no stylistic or good successes to let video to be audio informative. Wilson probably makes the best infomercials but they are not about sound but rather about SCU items.  Also, video Wilson stylistic is very tightly tight with HP-style subliminal messaging.
Probably if I use a camera to talk about a playback then I would use the second type video from my classification, as Jorge noted.   Presumably I know what and how to depict I have a chance to be instructive to demonstrate why this or that playback effort produce this or that result. However, this type of the video would have any interest ONLY for the individuals who able understand and able to appreciate what they observe and… those people do not need to see the video as they have already know all of it. From Jorge example: if I am a car racer/designer and I see another car taking 90 degree turn at 100 m/h then observing the event I can recognize what might happening under the hood. If I am clueless about cars then I see something but understand nothing. The point is that I for instance make a very detail "expository video" about let say time alignment with Macondo, or line level filtration with DSET, or channels nitration by loading, or acoustic system and room integration but it would be understood ONLY by the people who already know it. I think we do see only what we understand….

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