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Topic: New bottlehead dac

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Posted by scooter on 10-15-2014
New bottlehead dac -- different spin on upsampling.

Posted by rowuk on 10-16-2014

AudioStream | Q&A with John Swenson. Part 1: What is Digital?

AudioStream | Q&A with John Swenson. Part 2: Are Bits Just Bits?

AudioStream | Q&A with John Swenson. Part 3: How bit-perfect software can affect sound

Interesting reading.

Posted by Romy the Cat on 10-16-2014
I know very little about bottlehead movement and the people behind it. A single exposure I has it was good 10=12 year back there was bottlehead meeting right here in Boston and I decided to go. It is was very pathetic. I think that guy who run the bottlehead movement is the one who heavily invested into in that stupid the Tape Project. Also not very inspiring…

Posted by Paul S on 10-17-2014
This guy lists several ongoing issues/problems with digital, but (understandably) he seems to be saving his working solutions for something he will attempt to sell. Will his knowledge (finally) result in listenable downloads? I'm not holding my breath.

Paul S

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