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Topic: Well, I guess that finally explains it...

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 09-20-2014
It used to be time when I was active vinyl shopper.  It use to be nice vinyl shops in Boston and it use to be placed what it was possible to walk out of my Back bay home and not only buy interesting record  buy meet interesting people while browsing records. The interesting crowd is gone from vinyl shops, then interesting records become to show up in vinyl shop more and more seldom and then the vinyl shop looks like have gone. I did not go to vinyl shops for 3-4 years and if I need anything I was doing some surgical vinyl buying of eBay. With recent new short-term clients and many other things going on in my life I did not do a lot of it. Unfortunately….

Recently I discover a new shop with next to my house that has a very interesting way to sell vinyl. They dump new vinyl on Saturday and on Friday get rid of everything. Each Saturday record is $4 and each next day they deduct $1, so on Thursday all records are $1. They do not disseminate record and just count boxes not the records in boxes. So, some kind of Best of MET’s Wagner 12 records box-set they count as 1 record. Very nice.

That gives me a new vinyl inspiration as I like the randomness of records shopping.

Rgs, The Cat

Posted by Serge on 10-08-2014
There used to be (is?) a cluster of shops in London Notting Hill District (Notting Hill Record Exchange?) where they'd buy a record from a customer put it on sale priced as new and then each day cut the price by one pound. It was funny to see the stickers on a one pound LP which started as 14 pounds.
If the record has been in the store too long they moved it to a basement where there were piles of them priced 50p or something. Wonder where they go next from there, probably some sort of vynil hell.
Wasn't able to visit them for a few years though. Good idea: selfregulating prices.

Posted by Romy the Cat on 10-09-2014

Posted by Paul S on 10-09-2014
For every guy like this there are a thousand junior/wannabees prowling around. While there are still a couple of used LP stores in greater San Diego, they are very "picked over" by collectors and re-sellers. Also, people have been swapping LPs from shaded dog, 6-eye, etc. jackets into later re-recording (less desirable/expensive) jackets, so one should always double check carefully to make sure the LP itself corresponds with its jacket before buying a give title of a used LP.

Best regards,
Paul S

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