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Topic: Moerch DP6 and DP8 “anisotropic” tonearm?

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Posted by wonderworld on 02-02-2014
Any comments?

Posted by N-set on 02-03-2014
I have no idea on their peformance, it may be a fine arm, but what has been striking me on their website is that
they seem to be most proud of the swiss-made 24k golden layer on their arms.
The only production and QC they show is measuring the gold thickness with an X-ray as a vital part of the production cycle...

Posted by wonderworld on 02-04-2014
otherwise they could not survive in this ocean of illusion. The good news is that not all tonearms are gold plated Wink and may be not only that:

"Anisotropic because the effective mass for the horizontal mode of motion is many times higher than the effective mass for the vertical mode of motion. – No matter the effective mass of the armtube used.This provides for tremendous improvements in bass response and a lot more dynamics." from the TONEARMS part at 

I am curious, sometimes curiosity kills the cat, but may be I will try...

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