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Topic: That is not 1812 and the cannons…

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 08-09-2013
I remember a couple year back I was observing how sound of playback interact with sound of the forest just out of my listening room. Somebody even proposed that it would be fun to have Mahler 7 complimented by the scream “off stage” life deer…

Last night I had an amassing experience. I was sitting on the deck, smoking my pipe and did something irrelevant with computer. The doors and window were wide open, the playback was on and I was playing Bruckner 8, Gunter Wand 1990 in Suntory Hall, Tokyo. It was the last movement and I was thinking about patience with which Wand build his Bruckner culminations. Suddenly I begin to realize that one of the conclusions went way harder than it has to be and than it continued to grow, and grow and grow….. Suddenly that Bruckner “pressure” became physical and super-concrete and I jumped from my chair. In a second a military attack helicopter jumped from the forest and run perhaps 3 feet above the room of my house. We have Hanscom Air Field – a semi military aviation facility in Bedford, a few towns over and it was one of their aircrafts.

It was fun to see how the turbines and propeller of the chopper did fit into the Bruckner tune. I think the next phase would be to have a Lockheed Martin F-35 to break sound barrier above the roof of my listening room. With right timing and proper music it might be even fun.

The Cat

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