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Topic: Who the hell is this internet trash?

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 06-20-2013
I got email today with a link to a thread at A’gon: “Fremer's review of the Anna cartridge” and to an interesting post from Dougdeacon:

The fan part in all of it that I do not remember even setup any turntable for anybody. Not only that I do not setup any TT to anybody in my life I religiously do not touch anybody cartridges, do not allow to touch mine and do lend anybody of my records. I do not mind to do stupid thing but I very much remember what I do it. I never ever setup anybody's TT, ever.

How, what interested that Dougdeacon-idiot has to fabricate stories about me? Does he want to show off that he is familiar with TT more than I do? What kind idiot he shall be if he get  his liitle pathetic rash from that feeling!?

The Cat

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