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Topic: Using chairs as phase randomizer?

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 05-13-2013

Amy told me that when she first time visited me my room appeared to her like an interrogation facility: large room with bunch of equipment and a single chair in the middle. I understand where she got the idea from but I loved that free standing style with a single chair in the middle and nothing else in the listening room.

As Amy moved in last June I demanded tree "conditions":

1. The listening room stays as is.
2. Never vote republican
3. Never say to Koshka the she looks like a cute dog.

Eventually as time went by Amy begin to furnish the listening room with the subjects of femininity: rags, plants, shoes, candles, impractical pictures, flowers. She sincerely believes that present in the room of a pair of 8” tall shoes makes sound to sound better and … God bless her... whatever makes her happy.

The listening room still stays as is but now it lost the gloriously-nerdy character. I do feel that to the very minor scale many of Amy’s feminizations that the room endured impacted sound negatively. However, I do like the Amy’s sound around myself and I do not feel sonically violated.

So, in the place of my beloved single listening chair we have two of those chairs sitting in the corners of the room and in the sweat spot we have 3-sit couch. It is the same style as my listening chairs but no way near as comfortable as a single chairs was. Well, it is what it is.

Yesterday I moved the two chairs from corners of the room in the position on the side of the 3 section couch to accommodate a sitting arrangement for guests. To my surprise the room suddenly becomes to feel very hospitable and very balanced. I unexpectedly felt that this is very nice sitting arrangement for out living room but the subject of the listening quietly in the sweet spot kind of held me sitting on fence with this arrangement.  You see, the chairs were in the location that they were almost between my sweet spot and both loudspeakers.  However, the chairs are very low and they do not extend nowhere near the direct line of sigh between my ears and MF channel. What the chairs do are vignette the half of the upper bass horns that might not be relevant. The chairs are positioned sidewise and there is no reflection from them to listening spot. Furthermore the chairs are kind of act (visually) as acoustic randomizer in the distance between loudspeakers and sweet spot.


I said to myself that it might be in fact not as bad as I was thinking before and in fact it might be even interesting as it introduces a large “air cavitation” devise, or what I call phase randomizer in the way of direct sound waves. I did not listen music last night over main system and I very much look forward to do some testing and listing this week. I will post my observations.

There is another infesting subject in this. The opening bodies of the chairs most likely will act as large Helmholtz resonators crating some notch filtration. The neck of the chair resonators is too large to be effective Helmholtz filter but I wonder if I hear or will be able to messier anything different from Helmholtz perspective.

Romy the Cat

Posted by Romy the Cat on 06-09-2013
Listening my new chairs arrangement for a couple weeks I feel that the chairs position have practically no impact. I did feel that some aspect of imaging will be different. I do think that it is very very slightly different but I would not call it better or worse. So the chairs stay as they are: the room feels more comfortable with them.


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