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Posted by Romy the Cat on 02-05-2013

I have discovered recently anew interesting thing - Medici TV – a service that offers “free live broadcasting of concerts, operas and ballets along with video on demand from their catalogue of concerts and classical music documentaries.”

Here is their Mahler 6 program:!/tugan-sokhiev-orchestre-national-du-capitole-de-toulouse-gustav-mahler-symphony-6-tragic

Very nice....
The Cat

Posted by scooter on 07-02-2013
I have been listening to this Medici TV quite a bit recently and quite like it. There is ample "free" stuff to check out. If they had the option for highest-quality audio with no video that would be even better. Regardless, I support the concept and find the service enjoyable.

Posted by scooter on 06-21-2014
Free concerts for 24 hours to celebrate music day. I quite like this site as they scale up the catalogue. There is an HD option you should chose. Not affiliated.

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