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Horn-Loaded Speakers
Topic: Try something unusual and inexpensive

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Posted by Bud on 12-29-2011
This is an exploratory tweak. You will be finding out if your system is amenable. Take a 2 foot long piece of lamp cord. Split it into two pieces. Strip the insulation off of both ends and make a loop out of the wire length by twisting the ends together. Collapse the loop into an ellipse. Do this a second time.
Now, attach the stripped ends, that have been twisted together onto the negative / black / return / ground lug of your mid range horn, on both channels. Not from positive to negative, both twisted together ends of the loop on just the negative lug. One for each mid range horn.

Now listen for a while and if your desired characteristics begin to show up you can spend some money to get precisely tuned versions that will work even more completely. If not, throw away the wires, but give them about 8 hours of actual music, over a few days before making your judgement.
You cannot hurt your system if you follow these simple rules and you may surprise your self...


Posted by Romy the Cat on 12-30-2011
Bud, I have a question to ask. I have two back terminals, to which I need to attach the loop? Would it be the one that has the secondary of OPT connected to ground? Also, if I milliamp, then do have to do on each of the “back terminal” or one shall be sufficient?

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