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Topic: Those experiences. Early birthday.

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 07-02-2011

Nope it is not my birthday today, I share this day with Mahler but I truly celebrated my birthday yesterday. Yesterday I got home and found in my mail box a package from my Japanese friend. I brought it home, I knew what it was, I put it on my table and begin to walk around it. Inside was a treasury, the treasury that I dreamed would be coming at my birthday. It came earlier – fuck the calendar – I felt very special when I saw this package sitting at my kitchen table…. Today wpould be my birthday I figured as I got my birthday super gift.

I did not open the package. I left it on the table like Amaranta Úrsula left her letter and went to celebrate my schizophrenia. I began to clean my house. I vacuumed floors, I clean dust everywhere, and I washed dishes. I fed Koshka and I put new Crystals in her liter box. Then I cleaned Macondo and Milqs.  I pulled to tubes out and careful wiped dust from them. I cleaned the horns. Then I tune the power amps on…

I took shower and I put fresh cloth on. I checked plate currents at all 12 amps. Everything was spot on and my state of mind was perfect to open the package.  I went to the package and there was a single garden ant sitting right atop of it. I was smiling and thinking that in contrary to Aureliano III, the child of Aureliano  and Amaranta, my treasury will not be eaten by ants.  I tear the package. Inside were two CDs.

I ran them in my Septa machine I put the first disk in CEC and max out volume at my preamp. It was deep night, the room was dark and I turn the special listening lights in forest, behind my listening room’s large French doors. I tune the room’s ceiling fans.  I sat in my chair, I lit up the largest Chohiba I have, I took my remote control and pushed “Play”…

I pretty much gain awareness back around 4AM in the morning and it was truly a ride worth living. It was truly the effect of rebirth where all that I know about life comes together with all the world knows about life.

Of cause it was Bruckner. It was Gunter Wand with Norddeutscher Rundfunk play on 3rd November 1990 in Tokyo’s Santory Hall the Edith Symphony. I did not hear it before and it was pitched to me by one Chinese Bruckner lover. The second disk was Seventh Symphony, so much beloved by me performance of  Iovro Von Matacic with Czech Philharmonic. It was know to me performance but it was NEWLY re-mastered by Denon and released on HQCD disk.

You know, talking with all of you audio people, I ask myself what audio is? The subject of cables, compression drivers, horn curves, tubes, sampling rates, tonearms and cathode resistor is fan to a degree. However in the end of the day when such experiences as I had this nigh takes place then you are, with your dismal interests, all so much dead…

The Cat

Posted by zako on 07-02-2011

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