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Topic: I kind of wonder why?

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 06-07-2011
The people who has more than one tonearm for stereo might understand me.  I kind of pissed as my dally tonearm/cartridge does not sound as good as my reference tonearm/cartridge. What does it mean? It means that for dally records spinning sometimes I need to lift my ass up and switch for better sounding tonearm/cartridge if I would like to get better sound.

I do not like it. Particularly it is annoying as I know what the difference is between my second tonearm/cartridge and the first one and I know where the second tonearm/cartridge slip. I am not too anal about it as I basically use my second tonearm/cartridge like FM listening: I play records that I do not care to clean and I do not particularly care about sound. Still as I observe myself I less and less play records the I do not know and more friendly  then I would like I play my records with second set tonearm/cartridge.

In this regards I see two conclusions. First conclusion - I need stop to be a fool and stop to save my references needle. I’m working of it but I can’t help myself – I am a Cancer and we all are a bit screwed up with over preservation and over-reserve. The second conclusion – make cheap needles that sounds like best expensive one.  I do not see why it is not the case. Why people do not make cheap disposable $200-$300 cartridge that sound like those great reference cartridge? The cartridge of $200 and cartridge of $5000 are very identical and it is not that a better cartridge has more efforts, materials or time to make. So, why they do not make some kind of Liberation cartridge that would sound great and will be sold by pounds?

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Posted by montepilot on 06-07-2011
MM cartridges with replaceable styli.

Posted by Romy the Cat on 06-11-2011
What really pisses me off is that my second arm/cartridge has a very strange effect that I did not see neither in this arm (Micro 282) not in this cartridge (Ortofon SPU Classic). I am taking about dynamic compression. In fact it is very seldom you can find compression in analog. My first arm/cartridge has huge dynamic advantage over my second arm/cartridge. I have no idea where it might come from… It feels like it loaded to impedance of 100 times less than it has to be but it is not.  It loaded to 65R that is a bit low but very much within the acceptable realm… Still it has HUGE compression and I think it begin to have it last year. In my old room the same arm/cartridge did not have so much compression…

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