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Posted by Romy the Cat on 09-06-2010

What did you know; I was in Barnes & Noble and bought a first for quite long time September TAS magazine.  I do not subscribe audio publications but seldom buy them. Since I did not do it for as long time I though it will be entertaining.  It was entertaining and in a way educational – nothing was change since I remember it from past.

I developed a bit freaky pattern to read audio publications. If an article is by a staff audio pimp then I usually look at the pictures and read first view sentences of some articles, sometimes first view sentences of second paragraph. Then I am trying to guess what will be said. If an article is an interview then I read it to the end.  So what the new TAS brought to me? As unseals a few sensations that I would share….  with the world.

The first page – some kind of add by Magico with equipment stand. I have no idea what it is. I do not like company; the owner is an asshole and very accidental person in audio. I know that Magico asshole Alon Wolf is just a company facade, the core of the company is an Israeli guy who does not show up, and reportedly he is in intelligent fellow. I hope the Magico break up, Magico’s technical guy start his own operation and the Wolfy will go back to do export of mid-east asphalt.

Next few pages – Page 7- YG Acoustic advertisement.  I did read a few YG ads. Start advertising, Jenny Craig  stile, surly will work with TAS readers. I have no idea about YG Acoustic sound.

Page 10, letter from Harley. He moved to a new room. Good for him, so did I. Frankly I care about my room not about his, so I have no intend to read it.

Page 12, very interesting page.  It has a promise to publish a guide for playback evaluation. This is VERY ambition subject if it done seriously but it will not be done a necessary level  - the subject it to complicated for TAS sales team to handle and to difficult for TAS reader to understand it.

Next  - GTT Audio ad - are they still in the business - I thought they are gone. It look that they do not sell Kharma anymore – they were big on it – I wonder what happen?  I guess they stopped to feed retard Jonathan Valin, he stopped to write about Kharma –so the Kharma stream dried out.   That is very sad. In past Kharma was in indication of audio person stupidity, it was very easy… Apparently the fools who worshiped Kharma 5 years back nowadays dropped audio and they dedicated to a new “hobby” – playing golf.

Next – A new Sonus Fiber speaker and the major review. I do not care about Sonus Fiber and I do not care about this type of speakes. So, I did not read it.

Page 18 – Cambridge Audio digital gear by Nail Garder  - I do not care, next

Page 22, Chris Maritns’ article about new Shelter 901. I have no idea who Chris Maritns is but the subject do integers me. I a few sentences that I pick here and there do suggest that it would be worth to read it attentively.

Page 28 – Oh Horizon –a view on the most promising new loudspeakers. Absolutely nothing exiting or interesting.

Page 34 – 12 most significant loudspeakers of all time. Say whatever you wish but I disagree with the entire approach. They recognize significance as initiation of topology. I recognize significance as unique sonic accomplishments that define own topology.

Page 37 – Jonathan Vlain nominated Magico Mini and the most significant loudspeakers of all time – I just vomited on my Cat

Page 40 – HP’s article about some older speakers – I will read it later on.

Page 50 – Vlain’s reviews of new Magneplanar.  I did not read it but it begs an interesting question.  The people who were in Vlain’s room suggested that he has very bad sound.  Now, having bad sound, this poor guy has a number of different speakers of different topology.  That has to be very abusive and very devastating got his ability to set up any kind of respected sound in his room. So, those reviewers are in way a very unfortunate people….

Page 54 – TAD’s new monitor.  The TAD large speakers hugely compress sound - I wonder if the new monitor will do the same.

Page 58  - a new Dinyaudio speaker and a major review.  I do not like Dinyaudio drivers – that are absolute horrible and I do not care about this type of speaker. But hold on! The former page has a full page ad of the same speaker. I wonder if it is an accident. A manufactures pay let say $15K for a full page. A purpose of the ad to remind or to inform about the a company or product. What was the purpose for Dinyaudio  to buy a space and to place an ad if they have next 5 pages of a full blown review?

Page 62 - Dali Heloicon. I do not know anything about them. Look peasant, that is about it, I did not read the review snd I do not know if I will.

Page 66.   Nola speaker... by Jonathan Valin.  Amassing, I have one speaker and only in the and of the year 8 I was able it to sound more or less properly. Jonathan Valin has 3 different speakers’ juts for this release – very unfortunate guy….

Page 71 – TAD main review of the new monitor.  I wonder why TAD paid for page 54 if then have the review in this month magazine. Any person who run own business and values own money would not do it. Was the condition to buy ads for all 12 releases enforced to TAD by TAS? Many manufactures told me that without paying to those ad-extortions to TAS the magazine do not accept product to review. I do not want to gig into it as frankly I do not care. BTW, the sensitively of the new TAD monitors is 86dB. Good luck with that!

Page 78 – new Verity  Lohengrun MK2 speaker – did I see a full page ad  by Verity   in this issue?

Page 85 – Cable Company ad about their fight against hanger. – I truly hate then they do it – this is ethics it its worst.

Page  90- two small Krell amps. I like an idea of a small power mono block but it is Krell – who cares.

Next 10 pages – two new praamps reviews, one of them by Jonathan Valin. How he was able to review preamps if he was changing speakers dally?

Page 104 – a Tape Project Article by … Jonathan Valin. Apparently he doped in this shit as well. I do not like the Tape Project idea – I belie it is just a mental masturbation, not the last fact that I do not like people who run the show there. So, I care less about the Tape Project and thier gayish looking take recorders.

The last  10 page some kind of music with just 4 classical recordings.

The last page is an interview with Axiss Audio guy. I wonder who the fuck the Axiss Audio is to make them interesting. To interview Axiss Audio is like to interview a sales-clerk from nearby Ford dealer. Wasn’t TAS able to find anybody more interesting than a guy who moves UPS boxes?

The Cat

Posted by Romy the Cat on 09-08-2010
I am sorry it escaped me during my initial write up – in fact I meant to express a position about the subject for quite a while back.

The TAS page # 99 the ad by Vincent Audio. I think it is some kind of preamp  and the ad shows a sexy leggy woman lays in front with a remote control. Come on, this type of the ads are so cheesy that I wonder what kind of shit was in heads of the people who did it. I do not know anything about Vincent Audio and about their preamps. Since they use Michael Fremer’s recommendation in their ads I have reasons to presume that they are crap and since they god some kind of TAS Editor award I presume that they prepaid for next 5 years of the TAS ads. They are all presumptions but there is a think that is absolutely undeniable - the fucking idiots who run marketing for this company are fucking idiots. Who design and who sighed off this ad? I presume that nit was not the Vincent Audio but somebody Tom Myers, the Vincent’s US distributor. Vincent Audio, fire this retard and find somebody less idiotic – good lack to find one.

Is it about sending some kind of primitive subliminal message that the OK legs of the young woman will be transferred into some kind of superior sound? Did they found a lot of sane customers this way? Do you what to send the true message? Take the woman’s clothes away, position the legs to the camera and show how wide the soundstage might be. Do you think it will be less comprehendible for an ordinary audio parson then the Michael Framer assurances? If one wish to use sexuality of woman to promote audio product then change the company name to Vagina Sound.

In reality it is not only Vincent Audio does this crap. I have seen ads with cables winding around female neck and unconspicuously going inside of cleavage. I have seen ads with speakers being hugged with young girl in bikini.  I do feel that it was 1) very chip and 2) was very tasteful done.  To make tasteful and smart ad using woman’s sexuality is a very difficult work and it might not be done by pimps who pay own mortgages by moving USP boxes.  Lean to make better audio and you will not need to print naked woman to sell it.

Oh, yes. Give to the woman on this Vincent Audio add the shoes of the reasonable size and the conventional shape. The long-noise shoe that this poor girl made to wear makes her to looks like she is a duck.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

Posted by Stitch on 09-09-2010
 Romy the Cat wrote:
 If one wish to use sexuality of woman to promote audio product then change the company name to Vagina Sound.
Don't worry. In a few years the Cable manufacturers will offer Telephone hotlines - similar to Telephone Sex - for the discriminated Junkie. He pays per minute and a young, sexy, female voice will tell him what the latest cable is able to do with him...

Posted by Romy the Cat on 09-09-2010

If you think that you are making some kind of joke then you are mistaken. In most case selling high-end audio to morons is a purely psychopathic game that takes advantage of compulsiveness of audio fools and their desire to be comforted.  You have seen your audio friends that assure you that their new cable elevators change the “gravity constants”.  They did not invent it but they also were not convinced in BS. The key is that they have in them all necessary predispositions to get themselves into the situation. So, your Telephone hotline is not as idiotic as you think. On other side it shall not be a young, sexy, female voice but a regular voice of Framer or Valin who would assure them the they are fabulous and that this cable elevator are  not only working but a subject of envy of others. Do you think audio publications do not do to an average audio Moron the same thing as your Telephone hotline would do?

The Cat

Posted by diz1 on 09-10-2010
  I wonder if the TAS reporters would be willing to apologize for an article or a product reviewed by them in the past and now they understand it sounds bad and they had wrote nonsense.

They needs to apologize to readers who bought the “reviewed” products of their own free will (after reinforcement psychologists through these articles)

If Nixson had apologized,

What about those guys in TAS?

Posted by Romy the Cat on 09-10-2010
diz1, do not be 12 years old.

I might assure you that there is absolutely nothing to apologize for TAS reporters or for any other industry whores. If you are under impression that there is a well thought deliberate manufacturing possess to fabricate fraudulent reviews then you are mistaken. The crap that TAS and others defecate to their reader is not conscious action but they are very natural and very honest expression of certain mind set. Find my old thread where I declared that any industry participant shall be automatically discarded. In there I explained a mechanism how a lowest level of demands and patronage of the industry status quo become for an industry participant a primary driving and assessment force.
Rgs, Romy

Posted by Stitch on 09-10-2010
Hi Romy,yes. But I think, too much is covered from useless blabbering. Too much reading of written lines without any information.
The future is to get "it" fast, quick, pure, right from the "Hello, I am Mary" greeting. And it has to be paid per minute.
You know, it is proven, it will work, others do it in the Greyhound Bus Stations .... they call it love ... :-)

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