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Topic: The Micro Seiki Armboards

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Posted by Gibraltar on 07-29-2010
It seems over the course of Micro's big TTs they came out with bigger and bigger armboards. They all started with single-post boards, then at some point they started selling the double-post boards (maybe with the SX-8000), then finally with the SX-5000/8000 II they sold the massive boards with their own feet and sub-boards for different arms.

What I'm wondering is were these mainly just to sell new boards/TTs (bigger is better!) or do they actully result in better performance? Presumably more mass would have some positive effect, but the TT is already so heavy that the armboard should not make a big difference. I suppose connecting to two posts would also result in a more rigid coupling to the plinth, but again, the single post coupling is already quite rigid.

I know Romey that you've had MAX-282s on both double and single post armboards...did you ever try to compare the two in terms of musical results?


Posted by Romy the Cat on 07-29-2010
Gibraltar, I do not feel that it make any difference. I certainly did NOT compare the armboards for the same arm and same needle but my sentiment is that it has no impact, of has no meaningful impact. Micro did not make bigger armboards for bigger tables. The armboards are what they need to be to serve the tonearms geometry. The 8000II come with a large armboard with their own feet but I think it was for sexy reason not for sonic reason. In fact I do not like that 8000II armboard as it coven one tonearm axis and prevent to use it. I have a few 5000 boards for two axis – they work fine. The only differents in armboards that I have seen were the material of the armboards. There are aluminum and bronze – I very much prefer the bronze. The reason is no sonic but just because bronze have more stronger thread and less likely will go wrong, Particularly on the TT leg connector.

Talking about Micro Seiki armboards and running my TT with more than 2 armboards I need to tell about my old armboard dream. You see, I like when there is a lot of shit on my TT and I never had plenty space to locate it on my TT. Si a few years back I drew as secular Armboards that lay on all 4 Micro’s tonearm pivots. It was pretty much a bronze table atop of the TT width provision for tonearms. I did not do it than. The 1.5” bronze shit is quite pricy but I think it might be a good idea for someone to produce. Ironically on this armboard-table there is an option to put 5-6 tonearms on one platter. Not that it needed but the opportunities are there.

Rgs, the Cat

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