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Topic: Joseph Haydn, Six Esterhazy Sonatas; delightful

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Posted by Paul S on 03-21-2010
Susanne Shapiro, harpsichord; Orion ORS 7141, 1971; stereo (LP)

I don't listen to a lot of this sort of music, but I am happy to make an exception for this LP.  Everything about it is delightful, the music, the playing, the instrument and the recording.  A nice, scholarly treatise on the back of the jacket guilds the lilly.

Shapiro's touch is excellent for the music and the instrument (by Eric Herz, Boston, 1966), both.  The instrument has brilliant tone and percussion, "marred" only by a recording accurate enough to include the sound of the "action", which "fault" is, of course, part a live harpsichord recital, in the first place.  The recording and transfer were both done right at the peg, and it sounds great, IMO.


Paul S

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