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Horn-Loaded Speakers
Topic: Bookshelf Horns

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Posted by perrew on 03-17-2010
For people with less knowledge of Horns and wants to use them in smaller real estate is there any chance of a speaker/horn of this type sounding good compared to a conventional monitor system/miniME type of speaker ?

Posted by Romy the Cat on 03-17-2010
 perrew wrote:
….. is there any chance of a speaker/horn of this type sounding good compared to a conventional monitor…

there is absolutely no reasons or any imaginary rational in this type of speaker to use horns besides to make it to look ugly, to screw up the  basics or alignment and a few other things. This speaker is a perfect reflection of the mind of the idiot who them. I would not comment or project their sound. Ironically even this idiotic topology it is possible to make to sound acceptable but not by the mind of the cretin who did it.  Speakers as anything else are just a reflection of human intentions but the intentions of the Oswald’s Mill dirt are never higher then to steal something in one corner  and to create hype about the stolen good in another corner. The actual result is never an addenda or even a subject of understanding for this guy. He is an ultimate sale whore who will sell you a condom stretched atop of a cactus or superconductive fuses and he in his very limited mind will not even understand what he is doing…

It is my firm position that anything and anybody in audio related in ANY WAYS to Oswald’s Mill has the satanic mark and I have no problems if any idiot who ever listen to anything that comes from Oswald’s Mill will die next day from a horrible rectum disease.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

Posted by el`Ol on 03-17-2010
The Martion Bullfrog doesn't cost an arm and a leg and is very competitive compared to conventional speakers of it's size and price.
I have only heard it with Martion power amps, but others say it is also competitive with other electronics.

Posted by Romy the Cat on 03-18-2010

I do not know, I do not see a lot of sense on bookshelf horn construction. The core of topology resets to bookshelf configuration. A horn but it very basic nature is bandpass devise. As soon you introduce a horn then you automatically truncate the bandwidth in the driven channel from top and from bottom. Why would you do it in a design where you would like to get max bandwidth from min channels? Not to mention that the idea to put bookshelf on stands is very questionable. You put anything on stands and you use up the footprint elevating the monitor to ears level. Why instead of using the wasted space between bookshelf and floor do not fill it with LF channel as the most of the speakers manufactures do nowadays. Sure one can put a bookshelf on the ridicules tripod as the dirt from Oswalds Mill did. But why to stop here, why not to use octopus legs and to blob on internet that the octopus legs were used order to randomize phases.

Anyhow, the subject of bookshelf horn speak might be worthy to ridicule but surly not using the crap that Oswalds Mill is reportedly make. Actually they do not make anything. The whole story behind is that there is Bill Woods of Acoustic Horn Company. I actually like the guy, despite that I disagree with his notion of conical horns. Bill Woods is intelligent fellow as any other Jonathan Weiss’ associate he know the true value of the Oswald’s Mill idiot and has very clear vision what kind deal he is dealing with. Also, he is conical horns maker and he needs somebody out there blubbing about his products. So, Bill keeps Oswald’s Mill as many other manufacturers keep their relationship with sales whores.  I think Bill Woods did screw up in here however. He knows that Jonathan Weiss is a brainless tetrad that only able to repeat what was said to him (long game that I play). So, he gave to him a little conical horn and told him “fetch”. The tetrad begin to “design” (means in his understanding to cruse internet and to see what is possible to steal). After months of consulting with his intellectual brother – with the “big time designer” Angeloitacare from Brazil Mr. Weiss came up with a “loudspeaker”.  A loudspeaker according to Oswald’s Mill is anything that able to consume voltage and able to be photographed. This is very true story of Oswald’s Mill’s ways.

Now apparently that bookshelf loudspeaker is new state of development - Jonathan Weiss is cruising internet and collecting the new for himself phrases into order to talk/write about his new “design”. Then he will be calling to his friends, asking them to explain to him what those new words/phrases might mean. How do I know? Because all his “friends” then contact me and tell me all those stories. Talk to ANY Weiss’ associates and you will not need to pull words from them too hard - anybody knows that he is a menacingly-empty idiot and very much willing to show it off.

Romy the Cat

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