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Topic: The “new” ways for initial records cleaning.

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 07-05-2009

I have 4 arms on my TT: reference stereo, romantic stereo, mono and the “shitty” arm. The “shitty” arm is Grado Reference platinum needle with SME M2-12 arm. It is not shitty arm but it has shitty purpose in my setup. When I buy records I pay the records that I do not know with my “shitty” arm, learning of it worth technically and musically to waste washer machine fluid and good sleeve on this record.

I am planning to get rid of the 4th arm as I do not use it for a while. The reason is that I have found a lazy-ass way to do the initial clean of the dirty records that make then I good enough to play with my “romantic” arm with Ortofon SPU that with its conical needles is less sensitive to dirt.

I do not to the dirty records from store with brash but I blast the dirt off with Dust-Off can dusters.  Those cans are just compressed air with 1.1-Difluoroethane. I have no idea what the Difluoroethane is but as I understand it is some kind of petroleum based chemical that most air. So, who cares! It is so damn comfortable that I truly careless not to mention that if the record is good and am willing to keep it on the “good shelf’ then I wash it anyhow.

 A few years back I was trying to accommodate for this task the pneumatic line from my compressor that serves my Active Vibroplant. However I do not have the “explosiveness” in there, I might get a half-gallon buffer container and then I will get some “hard push” from that pneumatic line. I have in Vibroplant 75psi it shall be plenty. However, the dust-off sprays are at 125 psi and those spays are dirt- cheap. The “dirt-cheap” has a different definition in this context, isn’t it?

The Cat

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