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Horn-Loaded Speakers
Topic: Got new mid/high horns. Now need suggestions for a lower range horn.

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Posted by noviygera on 06-19-2009
Fist off, hello to everyone. This is my first post here.
I have a DJ/listening system in my basement. Mostly, self made. Some pictures:

Just recently i installed new Funktion-One RES1.5HS horns. Pictures:

My current system:
18" subs on H open baffles (Eminence drivers)
10" Rola on open baffles (really old drivers)
5" RES 1.5 HS (Funktion-One)

Digital crossover by DBX Driverack PA:
200 HZ, 630Hz.
Eq is "flat" above 600Hz. RES 1.5 HS sound very good this way.
Some eq used for midbass(minor, +/-2db) and subs(some heavy eq below 100Hz).

At this point I would like to move to a horn system. I'd like to start by replacing the 10" Rola on open baffle. This may be a general, stupid, ignorant question but, I'm gonna ask it anyways. What is the best way to do it, considering that I am happy with the performance of the Funktion One horns that cover everything above 600Hz?
Should I make one or get a used one somewhere?
My priority is sound quality over output.


p.s. you may notice (in the second link above) I made one constant directivity horn but it only goes down to about 200Hz.

Posted by noviygera on 06-22-2009
Since no one replied, I thought of narrowing down the problem. I need to make a horn that will cover up to 600Hz. I will guess that it will be 150 to 600Hz. But better yet 90 to 600Hz. Is this posssible. Do I need to make a compression chamber? Do I need a phase plug? Can I use one of the DDS bass/midrange flares that are shown here:

DMB 10N Pro
DMB 10 Pro
DMB 12N Pro
DVB 15N Pro

These do not go down to 90Hz, though.

Please, provide some clarity as what will be possible to use or make. Thanks.

Posted by noviygera on 06-23-2009
First off, the crossover point will be 530 to 600Hz. the RES 1.5 midhigh is 16" x 8" x 10" deep.

Keeping in mind, I'm trying to cover 600Hz and below... Given space constraints of a medium size basement room, I came up with 2 options.

1st option is to get the 10N Pro midbass horn. It 17" x 21" x 10" deep.  Freq resp: 250Hz-1.6kHz 
I will then need to get an appropriate 10" mid, make a box and mount the midbass horn UNDERNEATH the Res1.5 midhigh. Seems reasonable.

2nd option is to get one of these: DVB 15H or DVB 15N Pro:
DVB 15H is 22" x22" x 5.75" deep,  Freq resp: 60Hz - 1.25kHz
DVB 15N Pro is 22" x 22" x 15" deep,  Freq resp: 60Hz - 800Hz
both will require a 15" driver instead of the 10" but size wise they are not that much bigger (5" taller)

...and to mount the the Res1.5 midhigh COAXIALLY, in the center of the big horns. Remember, the mid high mouth is 16" x 8", the mibass mouth is 22" x 22". Is this a GOOD IDEA? The question is will the midhigh create a shadow, or block the sound of themidbass driver and horn. It it worth emulating a single point source or will the drawbacks be to great?

Hope this makes my initial post less vague and someone will put in a word of advice.

Posted by Romy the Cat on 06-23-2009


I am not familiar with your driver and I do not know those horns. It looks like they are 200Hz horns through….

You shall not worry about your horns create any shadow. As I understand you use digital crossovers with your horns and if so then you can potion then in any more convenient anti- shadow fashion and then alone them with time-delay within digital domain. Well, it is if you feel a need for time alignment…

The DVB15N horn does not go down to 60Hz as it said in this specification. It is basically 200 Hz -250Hz horn and the lower then this will be pushed by direct radiator and will have no gain from horns. I generally do not like those horns and I feel that people shall be better off with conventional properly made direct radiators. There is a number of threes at this site about the problem of upperbass horns design and implementation, you might find it worth to read them.

Rgs, the Cat

Posted by Paul S on 06-23-2009
Herman, please do not think me rude when I do not respond directly to your questions.  I have responded even though I am not personally interested in your posts because I hate to see you just dangling there, for days.

Regarding your approach: It's easy to see why anyone tuning in lately might think this is a DIY site; but really it isn't, at all.  Just read some more, if it pleases you to do so, and you might begin to familiarize yourself with the local landscape.  You might learn something of value to you, or you might simply come to the conclusion that you are not likely to get the sort of answers here that you seem to be looking for.

In any case, welcome, and good luck.

Best regards,
Paul S

Posted by noviygera on 06-24-2009
Ok, thanks. Will post inquiry to other forum.

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